A Union Of Opposites?

When I first began working Tai Chi Chuan, the first book I read spoke of a union of opposites as expressed in the Yin with Yang symbol.  It also gave me a clearer understanding of the meaning of mind over matter, explaining that the better interpretation would be the mind with matter.  The mind and body are not really in opposition to one another other as I had learned in church.  No, the mind worked with the body.  And, I actually began to see our society is most often looking for  oppositon, looking for the difference.  How often have we looked for the sameness in something? 

Tai Chi Chuan began to accompany me every where I went.  Followed me into relationships, into other sports activities, and even conversations.   Still,  it invaded my thinking when I studied the bible, or other “holy” books.  I could understand certain things with a new clarity.  With greater clarity now, I could understand the depths of teachings such as “If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink: For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head…”  (Proverbs Chapt 25 verse 21-22) I was able to see a union of opposites at work in this teaching.

The same thoughts entered my mind as I listened to Wael Ghonim, a marketing manager of Google for the Middle East.  What stood out to me most, was what Mr. Ghonim said about his arrest and detainment during the revolution.  He was handcuffed, and blind folded for twelve days.  He was asked if he was hit and he said he was.  That it was not the police that hit him, but the soldiers that hit him.  He said he understood them, in that these are simple, uneducated people and he understood they believed he was harming the country.   Ghonim said “he’s hitting me because he thinks he’s the good guy not that he is the bad guy.”  He said, at the end of 12 days, he removed the blind fold, hugged and kissed each soldier.  Ghonim said “I wanted to send a them a message you know…”


Woman is just a vessel! Happy Mother’s Day.

A beautiful Image of Isis in all Her glory

Just a vessel, that’s what women are.  Just a vessel.  This is what I was taught when it came to women and their role in society as set forth by some archaic value system intimated by the Bible.    I was taught that woman is a “help meet” for man nothing more.    But, how could she be “just a vessel?”   Not  really someone to be appreciated other than the value of being “just a  vessel”  even if the value of both, a vessel and a “help meet” were met?  Logically, this didn’t set well with me, but what was I, a child, looking up to the men and women that reinforced this belief within my child mind to do?  I could not question their biblical interpretive authority.   

When I look at my mother, seeing how she held this belief inside, yet knowing that some how this couldn’t be true continued each day to birth something new into the lives of us  children.  That she, who changed diapers, washed clothes, created delicacies from ordinary victuals and soothed the pains that the world heaped on her, her children and her husband, was viewed as” just a vessel'”, knew in her heart that this just couldn’t be right.  Yet, she never questioned this mindset.  So, now I’ve questioned for her and concluded that this vessel must be a holder of much much more and not just an empty container, “just a vessel.”  I have to wonder if the purveyors of this point of view really could convince us that a “just a vessel” was without content, without bounty within the  vessel.  I wonder how a “help meet” could be of much help being empty.  Wouldn’t she, the vessel, have to have a plethora of tools including hope, love, joy, science, mathematics and agricultural skills to be a “help meet” worthy of helping?  Just a vessel. 

Just a vessel.  An empty vessel?  Surely not.  But what else could this “just a vessel” possibly contain? We know she had to have excellent culinary skills, and psychic wisdom enough to ascertain the secret of fire to take her culinary skills to the next level.  But, what else?  I was listening to the Warren Ballentine show (just one of many radio programs I listen to throughout my day being the radio talk show junky I am) the other day and he repeated a long held belief.  He said  ‘…without women, this world would be nothing.’  Nothing.  I wondered if he realized, as I did, that he was saying that without women this world would be NO THING?  In essence this world would not exist.  It would be not a thing, it wouldn’t be. 

“Just a vessel” conceived us, held and carried us, maintained us and delivered us to this place they (the vessels) conceived and brought to fruition the place we call the world.  Without woman or more specifically the wombed man, wombman, woman, there would be no world.  “Just a vessel” really should be taught and reinforced as THE vessel.  The carrier of life.  The dreams of generations yet unborn will be physically carried by THE vessel and birthed by THE vessel.  The bringer of life.  Our vessel, Mother.  My mother, my throne. My mother my Heaven. My mother my life. 

I don’t want those that are without child to believe that she is not Mother.  Mother is a Divine essence beyond child birth.



Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing #5

There are just some songs that are classics.  They are relavent no matter the decade, time period or era, they can still touch that infinite timless part of all humanity, our Soul.  The part of us very few of us acknowledge, but most of us, know exist.  The Goddess (God) inside each and every living entity on this planet.  That part of us.






Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUlltimate Boxing #4

 Georgia Sunday afternoon SupremeUltimate boxing, is a form created to outwardly express the internal function of the master.  Our world is so often filled with stress and even self inflicted stress, that can stagnate in the meridians of the body.  The inner circulation of the eternal sound as light, needs extension, thus the creation of Georgia Sunday afternoon SupremeUltimate boxing form to extend this light and release stagnated tension.





Are We in a Post Religion Era? Or Entering the Age of Knowing? The Case of Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding

Redding had been an ordained minister for more than two decades when she converted to Islam.

Recently I was visiting Hagar’s Daughters blog and came upon an interesting post entitled, And You Call Yourself a Christian Part 3 over at the Somthing Withinblog.  The post centered around the disposition (defrocking) of Episcopal priest, Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, who has been a practicing Muslim for the last three years,  at the same time maintaining her position as a Christian priest in the Episcopal church.  The author of the post Rev. Dr. Renita J.  Weems states at the end that “I must say that while I respect and admire Ann Holmes Redding greatly, I’m still scratching my head about this one. I’m still gathering my thoughts and feelings about it.  It feels right, but I’m not sure. Perhaps we’re moving toward a post-religion era.”

Rev. Redding says “…the perspectives and practices of Islam, for me in my own experience, strengthen my witness to the good news of God, and the good news of God in Jesus, the good news of God in Muhammad, the good news of God period.  For me the paths have met and I’m walking on both of them because they’ve met…”  In a previous post here entitled Your Religion Should Do More Than Teach You Rituals, I noted “ When we embark upon seeking the Mystery, we find that the walls of ritual separation begin to come tumbling down and that our allegiance to the organization is only a platform or bridge by which to communicate the essence of the Mystery.”   

Jesus was the one to announce the Age of Aquarius:
“a man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of
water; follow him into the house where he goes in”
(Luke 22:10; Mark 14:13.) The Last Supper was the
symbol of the future “unio mystica.”

This is the region, I believe Rev. Redding has now ascended.  I believe she has spanned the vast gulf of separation and has now come to the consciousness of the One is the many and the many is the One, demonstrating exactly the point I was making.   Quite a few of the commenter’s including the author of the post at Something Within are “scratching their heads” I believe, only because they cannot see what I call the Mystery due to the ritual walls blocking their vista.  However, Dr. Weems doesn’t shut out the concept, but only wonders about it, seemingly in a positive light “…. It feels right, but I’m not sure. Perhaps we’re moving toward a post-religion era.”   Like it or not we are entering an age of truly knowing as opposed to believing, many call it the age of Aquarius where we will begin to come to a deeper understanding of the spiritual presence around us.  Post Religion Era, Age of Knowing or Age of Aquarius, no matter name the winds of change are upon us.

Meet Me At The Crossroads

We are at the Crossroads. We are at the place of decision. We can cast our lot to the dogs, hang our heads in defeat and allow the current of negativity to overwhelm our very existence and sweep us under the wave of great loss. Or we can vault into the coming era of connectivity, into the mind of us all being in relations to one another. The crossroads is the place of decision, a place of options, a place of optimism or despair. It is our choice. So how will you choose? This current wave of selfishness is being forced out of our global society. We are living in the death throes of the “I/my/me” era. And as such, death throes can be deadly to others while the dying entity thrashes about gasping for is last breaths of life.
In this, we are witnessing such a destructive nature in our global society so widespread that may not be rivaled in any other cycle of time. And the mind of separation is painfully disassembling with destructive dimensions. Runaway corporate profits are drying up and with it will be the corporate culture of “get money” and care about the people it profits from later. The exposure of Peanut Corp of America’s processing plant in Blakely, GA where company officials knew of the salmonella contamination and STILL SHIPPED the peanut butter and paste, after no less than 12, yes 12, instances of contamination in 2007 and 2008 were identified! Business culture itself has become contaminated so much that human life is less than the life of the business.
How can a society accept the freezing death of a man that is 93 years old? Marvin Schur, had the money to pay his bill, though he was behind, yet in the dead of winter a power company has the legal authority to put a limiter on his home to avoid too much usage, which will surely occur when temperatures don‘t get higher than 16 degrees. An official at Bay City Electric Light and Power said “… Bay City Electric Light & Power’s policies will be reviewed, but he didn’t believe the city did anything wrong.” I beg to differ. You did something wrong, but you may not have done anything illegal. That, Mr. Belleman, is a far cry from being wrong. This is a symptom of the mind of separation. The mind of continuity knows that what happens here will affect there.
I have often wondered why people on their jobs just seem not to care. The average worker has been forced to meet quotas by the companies they work for, pushing them to limits that destroys any compassion for the people being served. And there may be an increase of pressure by the companies at this time knowing people want to hang onto their jobs. This pressing of the worker may be a contributing factor in the loss of compassion toward their fellow human beings.

As we enter into what seems like the Great Depression Part II, we are offered an opportunity to expand and create compassion for one another. Shortages of one thing or another may drive people back to helping each other. It may resurrect the heart of humanity rebuilding kinship with your neighbors, friends and family. The Crossroads offers us the choice, to be human or dogs. Cast your lot, and choose your road.

Optimism or despair?