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Death Is Just Another Side Of Life.

The Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan

How many of us think about death? What comes to mind? I bet the picture that comes to most minds are the death of a loved one or maybe even our own demise. But, have you ever thought of death when winter comes and the skies turn gloomy and the trees turn brown? Or, maybe when the sun sits low in the southern hemisphere during the “cold” months, before it begins it’s journey back to the north? “Death“, my father used to say, “is another side of life“. And I’ve come to realize he was saying a lot in those few words. In the world of Tarot the Death card symbolizes change. I think now, that’s exactly what my old man was saying.

Recently, I’ve been mourning the death of relationships in my life. I never really thought about relationships ending to be a kind of death, until a friendship I had, “changed.” This person was, as some of we Southern Californians say, “the homie.” Or, as the text world puts it today a BFF…lol. But, I’ve come to realize the final “F” in the text means for the life of the friendship not necessarily until we take our last breath.

Even more recently, I’ve come to deal with the fact that family relationships “change” like friendships. Even though one is your brother or sister, there seems to be some growth apart. That loving friendship you once had with a sibling or relative that you grew up with and may have even lived in the same house while growing up, come to an end like friendships.

Most sad of all, are the relationships that end for no apparent reason. They just seem to go away, to change. I guess we just grow apart. It’s not a good feeling to know that this change will no longer bring the comedic calls from a brother or sister at any hour of the night or day. No longer do one’s brother or long time friends rejoice when you return home after being away for a long period of time. Yes, death is another side of life. Simply life “changes.”

Real or Unreal…Is it really petty?

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“Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. ”

Yeshua-Matthew 5:23-24 

While surfing the blogshere I came across this site.  The post was interesting however,  one sided.  It brought to mind the above passage spoken by Yeshua to his disciples, and how to “get right with God” as some prefer to call what Yeshua meant by presenting one’s gift at the altar.   I fully understand everyone is not a Christian, including myself, but there are universal truths that coalesce along all faiths and religions of which we can gain wisdom and understanding.   As I read the post I couldn’t help but see that the writer was intent upon defending her friend “Candy” rather than looking at the big picture. 

Clearly, their mutual friend, “Lollipop” had hurt feelings and often hurt feelings can  explode into a shouting match.  And, surely if these ladies “Candy” and “Lollipop” are friends as Arielle says, then it seems to me “Candy” would have forewarned “Lollipop” of her intentions not to include her in the activity because “Candy”  “had not figured out how to include her”.   Even if “Candy” hurt “Lollipop’s”  feelings when telling her she would not participate in this particular activity,   she would have known her position.

If “Candy” ,”Lollipop” and Arielle were to observe the above passage, observe their minds and the actions that led up to the yelling, the actions during the yelling and the ending results they may come to a different conclusion about what is petty and what is not.  It could be that what appears to be petty on the surface may be hiding a deeper sense of pain that had little to do with “Lollipop’s” non inclusion in the activity, but more of a sense of a loss of being included as a real and true friend.

All too often in the defense of ourselves, friends or family we will see only the things that matter for our or their defense and not the full picture.  From the passage above, Yeshua is seemingly showing that it’s just as or more important to maintain and retain a relationship with our friends as a first rung of a step to attaining and maintaining a relationship with the Great Spirit.  Without this there can be no real relationship with The Most High.  I would say to “Candy”, “Lollipop” and Arielle examine what your relationships really are.  If they are not true and real, then sever what you have or rearrange what you may have to fit how you really feel about each other and act accordingly.  Then come back and present your gift  to your God.

What is the Supreme Ultimate?

This s a question that’s ages old, as old as the oldest human fossil on Earth.  I suppose then, The Supreme Ultimate is ageless.  Without age or time.  The Great Ridgepole.  Indeterminate, as described by Chou Tun-i.  Maybe working so hard to describe the indescribable could be in itself a futile act.  There are somethings that cannot be described, cannot be bound to a word or words.  Somethings have to be experienced, felt from within.  I have read many thesis’ that attempt to explain the Supreme Ultimate.  I love reading them, they seem to touch on the truths we all understand from our own experiences, mostly while playing Tai Chi.  But, as I read these explainations I know there is so much more that cannot be put into words.  Maybe the Supreme Ultimate is never to be fully explained in words?   How can one explain what is in itself inexplicable, but at the same time potentially explains all?

Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing #9

  This set of Videos are a visual aide to my last post When will Songs of Love Penetrate the Heart of Fear?  And to all the people of the world.


This next on goes out to the whole  AfroSpear and especially to the brothas Brotherpeacemaker and The Black Sentinel. Though they are singing out Diallo, you can replace the name with Sean Bell or Oscar Grant and the song becomes timeless.

This next video is not for the faint of heart.  The imagery and symbolism may be too much for your senses.  Otherwise if you are full of Mind, then please feel feel free to check the next video.

When Will Songs of Love and Uplift Penetrate Hearts of Fear?

Reggae music is one of my favorite forms of music.  I’m sure you can see this for yourself upon visits to this site.  I was attracted to reggae because of the positive messages in the music and the inspiring words so often sang on behalf of the less fortunate in our communities and our world.  Not only do reggae artist sing for the uplift of humanity, but many other artist contribute vocally to our betterment.  Even today’s gospel music is producing artistes and songs that are taking on a world view in the lyrics. But things seem to be going the opposite direction.  I’m aware not all people listen to reggae music, but shouldn’t the fact that these words being sang, like prayers, into the realm of the unseen, begin to produce a better society?

Words are the seeds of creation, a song enhances the creative process.  The bible teaches that in the beginning was the Word.  Many traditions teach that the Creator sang a song of creation and the sound became light.  So then, with so many songs of Love/Enlightenment/Uplift being spread around the world why are we not beginning to see healing?  Why are we seeing such malicious violence being wrought on humanity?  Is it fear producing such actions?  Are we living in such times that we really have succumbed to the (M/L) formula?  Material over life-love. 

Two things have recently occured in my life that causes me to  think, to really ruminate on the idea of words of power being sung into the ethers.  One is a news event coming out of Jamaica and the other is a personal event I’m experiencing.  Back in April of this year a news story was released in the Jamaica Observer, noting that nearly one million people in Jamaica are squatters, living in over 700 squatter camps across the tiny island of 2.7 million people.  What was even more startiling was the fact that the ministers in Parliament expressed surprise about the news reported by Dr. Horace Chang to Parliament.  Jamaica is not some sprawling metropolis where the Ministers of Parliament can drive and live without ever seeing such living conditions.  How can they express surprise at a living  situation that’s been going on for years?  This expresses the basic comtempt for their fellow Jamaicans and fellow human beings.  Squatting occurs in the land where reggae music was born and grew.  Those in charge and in goverment on the island must be plagued with fear of “not enough” overwhelming, the calls of songs for unconditional love for its people.  Bob Marley sang “…the brotherly love, the sisterly love I feel this morning, this morning.”  I wonder where that feeling went.

Fear of “not enough”, not only tears nations, towns and communities apart, but destroys families.  In recent years I have experienced a family memeber dying and the result has been the destruction of what seemed to be inpenetrable love.  Yet, these deaths have opened a sleeping volcano of greed that I thought didn’t exist within he hearts of these family members.  This most recent death has exposed the fearful heart of a loved one, causing a chasm to develop within the family.  How could one that expressed so much love of family, express so much love for his god, now expose himself as such an expert liar and possible thief?  Apparently, this being, is no better than the beings he arrests and sends to prison.  No better than the liars, thieves, murderers and rapist he holds in so much contempt.  Maybe Sigmund Freud was correct when he said police officers and criminals are twigs off the same branch.

In any event we must continue to sing songs of uplift for humanity.  Sing songs of unconditional love like prayers going into the unseen for a better tomorrow, for a better day.  I am determined not to succumb to fear.  I will continue to do as one Bob Marley songs suggests “…Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.”  Fear is manifest in many ways including anger, stealing, hate, rape, glutoney, mischief, jealousy and much more.  Fear is a mind killer. I guess some family members feel their need superseeds the needs and wants of others much like a drug addict in the need of drugs.   Their fear is expressed in their addiction, as we know a junky will lie, cheat and steal what they know is not rightfully theirs.