One of the greatest tenets (it I can really call it that) is building good character.  Encompassed on good character is honor. Surely, character is a sum of qualities, and yet one could develop and build bad character but I wonder how many people of sound mind actually work at building bad character.  But, honor would be a byproduct of good character.  Today thee doesn’t appear there is a societal emphasis building good character to nurture honor.  

Even our leaders (I use this term very lightly) in Washington DC display less honor in their positions than the general public that have elected them.  When people go to the polls to vote the general consensus is to elect people who will represent them in the capital.  Good character and honor are ingredients people admire and require however, based on the actions of many in office including shutting down the government are based on less than honorable character.  This shutting down the government came at the expense of the people who elected them and not the elected officials.  All of congress will be receiving their pay.  The public  (federal workers) will not.

Each and every congressman and woman,, and senator will be able to continue to feed their families.  This includes the president of the U.S. A few members of congress want to appear to maintain some form of honor will be donating their pay to a charity, but most will continue to receive and enjoy their salary.  This attitude is an actually living our Marie Antoinette’s statement of “let them eat cake.”  Cultivating good character is essential in becoming, and becoming an adept in Tai Chi.  Cultivating good character is essential for formulating a positive peaceful society.  I wonder if those elected to “lead” really want that?


When to Act vs React; A Tai Chi viewpoint

Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, is calling attention to a cartoon in February 18Th’s edition of the New York Post, that depicts two police officers making a comment after shooting a chimpanzee, concerning the stimulus/recovery plan that was written by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 17th.  

Many in the Black collective are taking offense to the cartoon, spurred on by Rev. Sharpton, based on the historical  precedence of white racists referring to African Americans as monkeys.   Recall the famed sports announcer Howard Cosell apologizing after yelling into the microphone “look at that little monkey run” during a September game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins in 1985.  Now, in the case of Howard Cosell I don’t believe he was being racist but, he did pay the price for using the word because racist of the past (and present)  have used it to disparage Black people.

However, as Sharpton calls people to action against cartoonist Sean Delonas and the New York Post, got me thinking about what action is and what reaction is.  Actions are usually a calculated response from a group or individual.  An action is a deliberate and focused response to a previous action (sometimes an action is the first move), with an outcome, if directed with good intent, will put the initial actor into a defensive posture.  Often the initial action is used to probe or irritate as an offensive and is often a form of controlling the outcome when, and if an individual or group reacts.

Reactions are often not planned and are a quick (possibly knee jerk) responses to a probing action.   This gives the primary actor the advantage of control rather than having to defend the original action.  In this, the moves by the Rev. Sharpton gives the appearance of  a half hearted reaction playing on the emotional psyche of the people he’s rousing.   These reactions by the Right Reverend most often lead to no where in the long run, the original actor is stung but, not truly harmed by these faux reactions.

It takes patience (which has nothing to do with a long delay or acting passive) to forge a deliberate action.  An action by the Reverend and those with him will render the cartoonist and the New York Post defenseless.  They will not be able to rebound so easily like the reactionary motion Rev. Sharpton took against Don Imus and his crew.  A decisive action will cause a rise in the consciousness of both parties that MAY forstall any further probing actions by those who wish to control.

New York Post Cops Shooting Obama Cartoon Al Sharpton Furor