Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUlltimate Boxing #4

 Georgia Sunday afternoon SupremeUltimate boxing, is a form created to outwardly express the internal function of the master.  Our world is so often filled with stress and even self inflicted stress, that can stagnate in the meridians of the body.  The inner circulation of the eternal sound as light, needs extension, thus the creation of Georgia Sunday afternoon SupremeUltimate boxing form to extend this light and release stagnated tension.






Something to ponder

Equal Treatment
Things often written for one subject, often exposes it’s universal nature.
Be as still as a mountain, Move like a mighty river.
Your motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, controlled by the waist and manifested through the fingers.
The feet, legs and waist must act together simultaneously, so that while stepping forward or back the timing and position are correct.
If the timing or position are not correct, the body becomes disordered and the defect must be sought in the legs and waist.
_Chang San-Feng