The Masters have killed Sophia; The death of Wisdom

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Sophia the Holy Wisdom


Recently I have been ruminating on the mind. I read a couple of post at Tai Chi Heartwork on the mind and I found them very interesting and something to be considered if one is a practitioner of Tai Chi or Yoga. Most often, those of us that do practice these forms will bring the mind of our disciplines into everyday situations when dealing with the general public or even in our work environments.


Simply, the population seems to have come to a stop in learning
 While concentrating on mind, I’ve noticed that there seems to be no growth in mind, in mind concepts and in mind precepts in our general population. In other words it seems people are “set in their ways”, not looking to grow mentally anymore, as if they have reached their peak and seem to believe that they know all they need to know.I’ve recently had several conversations with people close to me and we all expressed the current level of mental expansion going on around us and we all agreed that there seems to be some sort of mind stagnation. Simply, the population seems to have come to a stop in learning. Has stopped expanding the mind.

Expanding the mind as I have come to experience, is not just learning or gaining new information, but examining that new information. Taking the time to, dissect and reassemble that information to gain a full understanding about what’s being conveyed, or to raise questions about the new information to verify its validity. 

People have come to believe they are masters
I am wondering what has happened? How have we allowed ourselves to become so repulsed by the extension of knowledge and wisdom. I no longer have the desire to put myself into social situations where I have to, essence, dumb myself down to participate in that social setting. I find it utterly amazing to speak to people and find they haven’t the foggiest idea about simple things in life around them.

It seems people have come to believe they are masters, and no longer students. When I have questioned people about their beliefs on various topics they will give the apparently false response that they don’t have all the answers. I call it false because they’re not in search of any additional information on the topic, they just stay right where they are in whatever knowledge they have. Without searching out further information and stagnating where you are, exhibit’s the actions of one that is now master. But, this exposes the false concept of a master.

The more you know, the more you don’t know
A master is an unrelenting student that knows and understands the more one seeks to master their craft, knowledge, wisdom, form, or style, an unending ocean spreads before them ever widening and deepening. Aristotle ventured to say “the more you know, the more you don’t know.” When you look at that statement you find that Aristotle was well aware that there is a vast ocean of knowledge to be navigated, waters that are chartered and uncharted





Your Religion Should Do More Than Teach You Ritual

Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” –The Gospel of Thomas

We all, at some level, are seeking to find answers to our human existence, creation, spiritual uplift/ fulfillment or the meaning of life. In our quest, we seek out organizations that may meet certain core beliefs we retain from childhood or beliefs we have come to accept during our learning process in life. Our organizational choices, be they a certain Christian sect, Islam, RastafarI, Judaism or something else fitting your standards meet with certain rituals or dress that indicate our connection with the organization. But, should our choices not lead us to a greater spiritual and cosmic awareness?

Your religion should teach you more than their rituals and dress code. Each organization should light a fire in it’s adherents for continued study, not only of their tenets but, reaching further into the world of its esoteric roots. The fundamentals of all major religions is to provide a foundation for civilized living between human beings and establish laws to foment positive living conditions amongst people. Deeper still, there is an underlying Mystery that guides these laws and principles that should be searched out and studied and inscribed on our hearts. When we embark upon seeking the mystery, we find that the walls of ritual separation begin to come tumbling down and that our allegiance to the organization is only a platform or bridge by which to communicate the essence of the Mystery.

The Mystery is not the clothing one wears, yet it is. The Mystery is not the hair style you wear, yet it is. The Mystery is not the language of your organization, yet it is. The Mystery is not your sacred book, yet it is. The Mystery is not matter, yet it is. The Mystery is not male or female, yet it is. The Mystery is not plant or animal, yet it is. The Mystery is and is not, yet it is. The Mystery is within you.






Meet Me At The Crossroads

We are at the Crossroads. We are at the place of decision. We can cast our lot to the dogs, hang our heads in defeat and allow the current of negativity to overwhelm our very existence and sweep us under the wave of great loss. Or we can vault into the coming era of connectivity, into the mind of us all being in relations to one another. The crossroads is the place of decision, a place of options, a place of optimism or despair. It is our choice. So how will you choose? This current wave of selfishness is being forced out of our global society. We are living in the death throes of the “I/my/me” era. And as such, death throes can be deadly to others while the dying entity thrashes about gasping for is last breaths of life.
In this, we are witnessing such a destructive nature in our global society so widespread that may not be rivaled in any other cycle of time. And the mind of separation is painfully disassembling with destructive dimensions. Runaway corporate profits are drying up and with it will be the corporate culture of “get money” and care about the people it profits from later. The exposure of Peanut Corp of America’s processing plant in Blakely, GA where company officials knew of the salmonella contamination and STILL SHIPPED the peanut butter and paste, after no less than 12, yes 12, instances of contamination in 2007 and 2008 were identified! Business culture itself has become contaminated so much that human life is less than the life of the business.
How can a society accept the freezing death of a man that is 93 years old? Marvin Schur, had the money to pay his bill, though he was behind, yet in the dead of winter a power company has the legal authority to put a limiter on his home to avoid too much usage, which will surely occur when temperatures don‘t get higher than 16 degrees. An official at Bay City Electric Light and Power said “… Bay City Electric Light & Power’s policies will be reviewed, but he didn’t believe the city did anything wrong.” I beg to differ. You did something wrong, but you may not have done anything illegal. That, Mr. Belleman, is a far cry from being wrong. This is a symptom of the mind of separation. The mind of continuity knows that what happens here will affect there.
I have often wondered why people on their jobs just seem not to care. The average worker has been forced to meet quotas by the companies they work for, pushing them to limits that destroys any compassion for the people being served. And there may be an increase of pressure by the companies at this time knowing people want to hang onto their jobs. This pressing of the worker may be a contributing factor in the loss of compassion toward their fellow human beings.

As we enter into what seems like the Great Depression Part II, we are offered an opportunity to expand and create compassion for one another. Shortages of one thing or another may drive people back to helping each other. It may resurrect the heart of humanity rebuilding kinship with your neighbors, friends and family. The Crossroads offers us the choice, to be human or dogs. Cast your lot, and choose your road.

Optimism or despair?







Jdimytai Damour Killed by the New Spirit of Christmas

One shopper, that wasn’t present at the time of Mr. Damour’s demise, referred to the would be shoppers at Walmart in Long Island, NY as savages.  My first reaction to hearing about the death of Jdimytai Damour, was overwhelming sadness.  I wondered right then and there what kind of Christmas would his family be celebrating?  I knew that in reality there would be no celebrations, no cries of joy upon receiving the gift they have always wanted, no laughter and Christmas cheer as it may have been in previous years.  No, his family will be coming to grips on how to make sense of his tragic death.  And, how they will somehow have to turn this tragedy into a “home going celebration” for their son, grandson, husband, father, uncle, brother.  They will be trying to explain to themselves how this could all be happening to them, how this could have happened to him, how people could be so cold.  All in a rush to get a good deal on a piece of plastic they will be replacing within the next 3-5 years.  No way to replace Jdimytai Damour.  No way to replace the empty space in the hearts of his family members, no way.

So, now we witness the New Spirit of Christmas.  Nothing matters other than getting that deal on a present for Christmas.  No remembering the “reason for the season”, if it was ever really known by the people that know within themselves that they stepped on this man.  Or, are we hearkening back to the days when the slaves in Rome would be allowed to become the masters for the day and a person would be savagely killed on Christmas Day.  No, we have entered into something very complex, a mind state that sees only the importance of what it wants, no matter the cost.  I just wonder if this is what Charles Dickens was thinking of when he imaged the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come as the Grim Reaper?

When God appears

In “western” religions we’re educated to look for a Savior or a Mahdi to come and avenge the righteous and put the wicked asunder.  I’m sure a long debate could come forward from the idea of people waiting for a Mahdi or Savior or which religious tenet is correct.  Suppose, however, that neither is correct or even that both are correct and suppose the Savior and Mahdi are one and the same and their appearance was upon you.  How would you react?  Suppose that all the information you’ve learned all your life doesn’t prepare you for what you see.

I have often envisioned the Returning One would be someone much different than what we have learned.  I have imagined that the Returning One would be in the form of a human being that you would consider your enemy.  If you are white it would be Black or non-white, or white if you’re Black.  Maybe Jewish if  you’re Muslim, Shia if you’re Sunni or maybe atheist if you’re a Christian.  Whatever the case, the Returning One maybe much different than we suspect.

More than likely, the Returning One has come, gone and come again right in front of our eyes.  And we were blind to their existance.  Blind because our own prejudice keep us with out sight.  There is going to come a time when all will be revealed through your own consciousness.

The body follows the mind

brainwaves brainwave music

EEG image of brain waves

In Tai Chi Chuan there is a concept, that the body follows the mind.  In that, when one is playing Tai Chi the mind leads the body to the next posture.  You will picture the movement from one posture to the other, immediately your mind will send chemical messengers or hormones to the muscles and Chi will make the mental pictures of the mind manifest physically.

This is our daily movement in all that we do, yet most of these manifestations occur without conscious thought.  We think and speak our existence into manifestation minute by minute but, never give a thought that we are in fact creating our destiny.  This gives rise to the English word, mindful or to be full of mind.  So, what if we really thought about our intentions during the day?  Would this not give us more power over our daily tasks?  Could we not create much much more for ourselves?

There are many ancient text that teach us that life and death is in the power of the tongue.  Knowing this we should first think, examine, and weigh carefully before we speak since what we say is a seed planted that we will later reap the fruit.  Tai Chi teaches us patience and that each ending opens to a new beginning and that each step, posture, and breath is energetically connected.  This teaching conveys just how we are connected to one another, related.

Our minds are the key to our destiny, building and reshaping our future.  How can being mindful or full of mind help create your future?  With each and every day there comes new challenges and changes the direct and re-direct our future; create changes in our lives.  How can you create your own destiny?

On love, life and relationships…


Veiled Auset (Isis) in her form as the Goddess of love

Living longer by loving

Part of a healthy life can include a loving relationship.  Studies show people that are in a loving relationship live longer.  A 1995 University of Chicago study suggests that men live, on average 10 years longer, than their unmarried counter parts and women live four years longer than their unmarried counterparts.  Yet, more importantly an Ohio State University study suggests HAPPY couples  produce lower levels of cortisol, but couples living in unhappy relationships produce higher levels of cortisol that impacts the immune system and they often face the risk of infectious disease as they age.  Cortisol is known as the “stress” hormone, that can increase blood pressure, blood sugar and can suppress your immune system reducing your ability to fight off diseases from a cold to cancer.

We all aspire to good health and many desire a rich and fulfilling relationship, someone to love.  What brings me to this thought process is a discussion on the Just Lisa blog on relationships and why people don’t tell someone, they may have romantic feelings towards, how they really feel and why they often “settle” for less than an ideal relationship.  Overwhelmingly, the consensus was people don’t express their real feelings due to the fear of rejection.

How to avoid rejection

Fear of rejection, is based, in part on non-communication and your own ego.  If this isn’t so, then why the fear?  Its important to become friends with a person of romantic interest, spending time talking and more importantly listening to the person with whom you have an interest.  Now, guys I know women (not all of them) often like to let you do most of the talking while they listen.  But, its equally important to emphasize that you would love to hear her views as well. 

Know yourself

Now, here is where its really important to have spent ample time with yourself to be aware of your likes and dislikes, know what you want and don’t want, to know what you can tolerate and can’t tolerate.  What, I’m pointing out is that you really have to know yourself, forgive yourself (thats a big one) and really love and appreciate yourself fully.  You can’t share love with someone else without first loving yourself.

Loving yourself

Learn who you really are by spending time with yourself and truly taking inventory of your life and past relationships.  Read books on bettering the self, love and relationships and implement what you learn.  Forgive yourself.  Its well that we forgive others for any trespasses they make against us, but we have to move forward in our lives and learn from our mistakes and forgive ourselves.  It took me many years to learn that I had the ability to forgive myself, so that I could learn to love myself in order that I could love another again.  Forgiving yourself is a major step forward in learning to love yourself.  Now, when I talk about loving yourself I’m not talking about a self centered “its all about me” attitude, but learning to appreciate who you are, your personal acheivments, and your ability to give love.  Loving yourself can produce a happiness with self that exudes and glows around you and in turn, will attract like mined people to you.  I think being happy with yourself will eliminate the fear of being alone the rest of your life, stopping the desire to settle for someone that’s not happy with themselves.  If you feel the need to settle you should take more time discovering your inner self.

Laying it all out

After spending time learning and loving yourself, and spending time with your potential “honey” its vital to express the things you know about yourself to her or him, specifically the things mentioned earlier concerning, your likes/dislikes, your toleration, your goals.  Be honest.  Be especially honest with yourself and totally honest with the other person about your concepts of life and relationships.  Now, here’s the rub.  You must be mindful that your personal standards will work with your potential partner’s understanding of relationships and life concepts.  Be honest right up front with the person if your standards don’t have a common ground, and don’t lie to yourself and try to tolerate something by lowering your standards in the hopes that “they’ll come around” to your thinking.  This is a recipe for disaster and  an unhappy relationship.  Remember the word relationship contains the word relate, and this is the purpose, to relate, and to find  common ground with a potential mate.

Common union

All humans require some form of relationship with other humans, even if they consider themselves loners.  In forming a relationship we really have to learn, love and forgive ourselves in order to build a bridge and a bond with another person.  By relating our feelings and knowledge of ourselves we’ll find  common ground, in essesnce building a common union, a common unity, a community of sorts with each other.  I’m hopeful this will bring about better life and better health and a much happier relationship.

Good Character; Essential ingredient of Tai Chi

Equal Treatment

In our zeal to delve into the practice and playing of Tai Chi we often work diligently at learning forms, finding tensions in our bodies and relaxing them, rooting, sinking, concentrating on gather energy into the body, into the lower tan tien, we may not be studying much of the essence, the heart of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Chuan is interpreted as Supreme Ultimate Fist (Force).  While working towards this goal we are performing a physical act of a truly cosmological experience.  One such experience, is searching for balance.  Balance between the self (true inner self) and the world.  The delicate, but continual balance is built on the foundation of building Good Character.

Good Character can take the form of making correct choices.  Choices that may have to be made during times of extreme stress or in the face of personal weaknesses, choices that work for the Greater Good. Choices for the uplift of yourself, of your family and of your community.  Good Character is often overlooked as an essential ingredient in becoming adept in Tai Chuan.  I’ll leave you with a little medicine.

The Eight Fold Path

Right Understanding

Right Thought

Right Speech

Right Action

Right Livelihood

Right Effort

Right Mindfulness

Right Concentration

The Eight Fold Path