We just don’t seem to learn.   I’m specifically referring to the behavior of Spike Lee, Katt Williams and Dick Gregory.  I do respect Mr. Gregory as a bonafide freedom figher and nothing less unlike Ski Davis of Zuri Speaks Dynasty Network referred to Mr. Gregory as a coon.  However I  balk at the verbal fencing conducted between he and Mr. Lee in publc.  This deminishes any intellectual conversation to just to media hype.  In the case of Katt Williams, I will just say he needs to concern more with removing the beam from his own eye before he speaks on the speck in the eye of someone else.  At any rate, Django Unchained has sparked quite a bit of conversation in all forms of media.  No matter the issue, in this coming era we have to be cognizant of the images being displayed of us and who is displaying those images.


Django Unchained has proven to be a boon for the aboriginal melanated people of the Americas.  Finally, the black hero does not die and in fact not only has a love interest, but in this case he has a wife.   I am aware Quentin Tarantino is given the credit for the film. However, I do remember how the Wachowski brothers were given the credit for the Matrix films and in the end Sistar Sophia Stewart won in court proving she is the mother of the Matrix story and not the Wachowskis.  I could be wrong, but we may see that another aboriginal is being usurped by the “Pinks” this time, but in the name of Quentin Tarantino.  Still, at this time Tarantino will get the credit for covertly telling us that Django is the incarnation of Shango.  The film appears to be a choclate version of Brynhildr, who in Norse (north) mythology is a valkyrie, the female Diety that decides which men live and die on the battlefield..  We who know, understand that Norse (north) mythology is only the pink European’s reinterpretation of abriginal myth.  Or a Europeanization of aboriginal wisdom.

Django is joined with his pink brother King Schultz.  A schultz is one that is a collector of dues and taxes for the lord of the manor.  In this case King Schultz is a collector of corpses for the sherrif or marshall of territories. In short a bounty hunter.  King Schultz says “I sell corpeses…” in this movie the sheriff would be the “lord of the manor.”    The word sherrif comes from one who is the representative of the king. The Schultz buys his brother from slavers and immediately manumits him into freedom.  In a way, Django is given a new life and in fact can carry out his mission to find and recover his wife.  Surely, for those that profess to know and love our people, but never do the research to realize people sold into slavery could and did marry.  Django was on a mission to get his wife back.  Django like Siegfried in the Brynhildr poem, had to overcome great odds to rescue his wife from the mountain of shields.  In this case Candyland.


Make no mistake Django evolves and is revealed as Shango by the end of the movie.  After receiving his freedom, Django immediatly dresses in blue and white.  Yemaya, the mother of us all, the Spirit of the sea, her color in the Americas is blue and white.  Django indicates his new birth by saluting Yemaya in his becoming.  At this stage he is not carrying weapons as such, only what appears to be a tiny two shot Derrenger which he uses to kill a slaver, one of the Brittle brothers on sight.  After utterly destroying the Brittle brothers he moves into his next evolution.


Django changes after being given life, he justly takes lives and transforms to his next evolution.  That of Ogun, the Spirit of iron.  Shango is a Spirit that wields the double headed axe.  Not all males can ascertain the strength to arch over to the feminine to have the crown of ultimate power bestowed upon them, however Shango is the male Spirit that has arched over and displays his connection to the feminine by outwardly weilding the double axe.  The Labrys (Labia) is a symbol of worshipping the Divine Mother.  Django changes clothes to the colors green and black, that of Ogun (Ogou) and sports six shooters on both hips, double weapons symbolizing the double headed axe,  on his side.  At this juncture he begins to come into the fullness of a bounty hunter and kills to sell bodies to the sherrif.  Remember it is Brynhildr (Broomhilda his wife) that determines who will live and die on this battlefield.

Finally after several trials and tribulations and gaining proper status as a Freedman, Django and his Schultz reach the Mountain of Shields or Candyland in this case, in Chicasaw Couny, Mississippi.  Chicasaw means one who is a rebel, one from Chicsa.  Repeatedly we hear the pinks in the movie say to Django “I ain’t neva seent a ni**er like you b’foe.”  They have never seen Ogun from Chicsa, the rebellious one before.  Utiliazing the misdirection of Legba, Ogun or Django plays his role to the hilt, even unto the death of a slave of Monsieur Candy’s that is torn to bits by dogs.  Again, the mission is to save Broomhilda (Brynhildr a Spirit which decides who lives and who dies on the battlefield not Django as many of you think.)  In the proper context we can now see that it was not truly Django’s call to allow the slave to be pulled apart by dogs, but Broomhilda’s. 

Finally, Siegfried (Django) reaches the summit of the mount – Candyland, loses his brother King Schultz as he has completed his destiny and begins the process of saving his wife.  Django must make the final evolution into Shango.  After surmounting great odds, even at the risk of being sold back into slavery Django, this time, frees himself and returns to Candyland to rescue his reason for living, his queen of heaven, Broomhilda.  He then has to become his destiny, and become Shango.  He again changes his wardrobe into a black jacket, burgundy (red) vest and a white shirt.  Wielding his double axe or two six shooters thus begins the final solution for Candyland by killing the mistress of the manor Mosieur Candy’s (lover) sister and tormenting Stephen the house ni**er (played by Samuel L. Jackson who does a masterful job.)  He then collects his wisdom (the valkyrie)Osun and fitting for Shango the Spirit of thunder and lighting, blows Candyland to bits with HN Stephen still alive inside the manor when the explosion occurs.


Shango and Osun, fittingly ride not off into the sunset, but ride into the moonlight. 


Meet Me At The Crossroads

We are at the Crossroads. We are at the place of decision. We can cast our lot to the dogs, hang our heads in defeat and allow the current of negativity to overwhelm our very existence and sweep us under the wave of great loss. Or we can vault into the coming era of connectivity, into the mind of us all being in relations to one another. The crossroads is the place of decision, a place of options, a place of optimism or despair. It is our choice. So how will you choose? This current wave of selfishness is being forced out of our global society. We are living in the death throes of the “I/my/me” era. And as such, death throes can be deadly to others while the dying entity thrashes about gasping for is last breaths of life.
In this, we are witnessing such a destructive nature in our global society so widespread that may not be rivaled in any other cycle of time. And the mind of separation is painfully disassembling with destructive dimensions. Runaway corporate profits are drying up and with it will be the corporate culture of “get money” and care about the people it profits from later. The exposure of Peanut Corp of America’s processing plant in Blakely, GA where company officials knew of the salmonella contamination and STILL SHIPPED the peanut butter and paste, after no less than 12, yes 12, instances of contamination in 2007 and 2008 were identified! Business culture itself has become contaminated so much that human life is less than the life of the business.
How can a society accept the freezing death of a man that is 93 years old? Marvin Schur, had the money to pay his bill, though he was behind, yet in the dead of winter a power company has the legal authority to put a limiter on his home to avoid too much usage, which will surely occur when temperatures don‘t get higher than 16 degrees. An official at Bay City Electric Light and Power said “… Bay City Electric Light & Power’s policies will be reviewed, but he didn’t believe the city did anything wrong.” I beg to differ. You did something wrong, but you may not have done anything illegal. That, Mr. Belleman, is a far cry from being wrong. This is a symptom of the mind of separation. The mind of continuity knows that what happens here will affect there.
I have often wondered why people on their jobs just seem not to care. The average worker has been forced to meet quotas by the companies they work for, pushing them to limits that destroys any compassion for the people being served. And there may be an increase of pressure by the companies at this time knowing people want to hang onto their jobs. This pressing of the worker may be a contributing factor in the loss of compassion toward their fellow human beings.

As we enter into what seems like the Great Depression Part II, we are offered an opportunity to expand and create compassion for one another. Shortages of one thing or another may drive people back to helping each other. It may resurrect the heart of humanity rebuilding kinship with your neighbors, friends and family. The Crossroads offers us the choice, to be human or dogs. Cast your lot, and choose your road.

Optimism or despair?







On love, life and relationships…


Veiled Auset (Isis) in her form as the Goddess of love

Living longer by loving

Part of a healthy life can include a loving relationship.  Studies show people that are in a loving relationship live longer.  A 1995 University of Chicago study suggests that men live, on average 10 years longer, than their unmarried counter parts and women live four years longer than their unmarried counterparts.  Yet, more importantly an Ohio State University study suggests HAPPY couples  produce lower levels of cortisol, but couples living in unhappy relationships produce higher levels of cortisol that impacts the immune system and they often face the risk of infectious disease as they age.  Cortisol is known as the “stress” hormone, that can increase blood pressure, blood sugar and can suppress your immune system reducing your ability to fight off diseases from a cold to cancer.

We all aspire to good health and many desire a rich and fulfilling relationship, someone to love.  What brings me to this thought process is a discussion on the Just Lisa blog on relationships and why people don’t tell someone, they may have romantic feelings towards, how they really feel and why they often “settle” for less than an ideal relationship.  Overwhelmingly, the consensus was people don’t express their real feelings due to the fear of rejection.

How to avoid rejection

Fear of rejection, is based, in part on non-communication and your own ego.  If this isn’t so, then why the fear?  Its important to become friends with a person of romantic interest, spending time talking and more importantly listening to the person with whom you have an interest.  Now, guys I know women (not all of them) often like to let you do most of the talking while they listen.  But, its equally important to emphasize that you would love to hear her views as well. 

Know yourself

Now, here is where its really important to have spent ample time with yourself to be aware of your likes and dislikes, know what you want and don’t want, to know what you can tolerate and can’t tolerate.  What, I’m pointing out is that you really have to know yourself, forgive yourself (thats a big one) and really love and appreciate yourself fully.  You can’t share love with someone else without first loving yourself.

Loving yourself

Learn who you really are by spending time with yourself and truly taking inventory of your life and past relationships.  Read books on bettering the self, love and relationships and implement what you learn.  Forgive yourself.  Its well that we forgive others for any trespasses they make against us, but we have to move forward in our lives and learn from our mistakes and forgive ourselves.  It took me many years to learn that I had the ability to forgive myself, so that I could learn to love myself in order that I could love another again.  Forgiving yourself is a major step forward in learning to love yourself.  Now, when I talk about loving yourself I’m not talking about a self centered “its all about me” attitude, but learning to appreciate who you are, your personal acheivments, and your ability to give love.  Loving yourself can produce a happiness with self that exudes and glows around you and in turn, will attract like mined people to you.  I think being happy with yourself will eliminate the fear of being alone the rest of your life, stopping the desire to settle for someone that’s not happy with themselves.  If you feel the need to settle you should take more time discovering your inner self.

Laying it all out

After spending time learning and loving yourself, and spending time with your potential “honey” its vital to express the things you know about yourself to her or him, specifically the things mentioned earlier concerning, your likes/dislikes, your toleration, your goals.  Be honest.  Be especially honest with yourself and totally honest with the other person about your concepts of life and relationships.  Now, here’s the rub.  You must be mindful that your personal standards will work with your potential partner’s understanding of relationships and life concepts.  Be honest right up front with the person if your standards don’t have a common ground, and don’t lie to yourself and try to tolerate something by lowering your standards in the hopes that “they’ll come around” to your thinking.  This is a recipe for disaster and  an unhappy relationship.  Remember the word relationship contains the word relate, and this is the purpose, to relate, and to find  common ground with a potential mate.

Common union

All humans require some form of relationship with other humans, even if they consider themselves loners.  In forming a relationship we really have to learn, love and forgive ourselves in order to build a bridge and a bond with another person.  By relating our feelings and knowledge of ourselves we’ll find  common ground, in essesnce building a common union, a common unity, a community of sorts with each other.  I’m hopeful this will bring about better life and better health and a much happier relationship.