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The Mind of Tai Chi

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I found this most interesting.  The mind is the opener of all things.  Mindset will guide the structure of its creation.  So then, what is Mindset?  Steven Moore presents a very indepth look at the function of mindset, where it is and how it functions From Tai Chi Heartwork



Different activities demand different mindsets. A mindset is the state of mind induced when mental activity is focused on a particular location within the brain. So, thinking concentrates mental activity into the frontal lobe – hence the furrowed brow and heavy craning head of the inveterate thinker…Read More

Your Religion Should Do More Than Teach You Ritual

Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” –The Gospel of Thomas

We all, at some level, are seeking to find answers to our human existence, creation, spiritual uplift/ fulfillment or the meaning of life. In our quest, we seek out organizations that may meet certain core beliefs we retain from childhood or beliefs we have come to accept during our learning process in life. Our organizational choices, be they a certain Christian sect, Islam, RastafarI, Judaism or something else fitting your standards meet with certain rituals or dress that indicate our connection with the organization. But, should our choices not lead us to a greater spiritual and cosmic awareness?

Your religion should teach you more than their rituals and dress code. Each organization should light a fire in it’s adherents for continued study, not only of their tenets but, reaching further into the world of its esoteric roots. The fundamentals of all major religions is to provide a foundation for civilized living between human beings and establish laws to foment positive living conditions amongst people. Deeper still, there is an underlying Mystery that guides these laws and principles that should be searched out and studied and inscribed on our hearts. When we embark upon seeking the mystery, we find that the walls of ritual separation begin to come tumbling down and that our allegiance to the organization is only a platform or bridge by which to communicate the essence of the Mystery.

The Mystery is not the clothing one wears, yet it is. The Mystery is not the hair style you wear, yet it is. The Mystery is not the language of your organization, yet it is. The Mystery is not your sacred book, yet it is. The Mystery is not matter, yet it is. The Mystery is not male or female, yet it is. The Mystery is not plant or animal, yet it is. The Mystery is and is not, yet it is. The Mystery is within you.






Something to ponder

Equal Treatment
Things often written for one subject, often exposes it’s universal nature.
Be as still as a mountain, Move like a mighty river.
Your motion should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, controlled by the waist and manifested through the fingers.
The feet, legs and waist must act together simultaneously, so that while stepping forward or back the timing and position are correct.
If the timing or position are not correct, the body becomes disordered and the defect must be sought in the legs and waist.
_Chang San-Feng






Can meditation help you in your daily affairs?

The Pleiades, an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus. NASA photo

Pleiades star system. 

I don’t know if there is a sure fire way of meditating.  Some disciplines prescribe meditating on a perticular word or sound.  As certain sounds work in conjunction with the mind, the total body or specific organs in the body.  I know of people that meditate on a certain set of thoughts, of situations or circumstances they wish to bring into manifestation or gain clarity. 

Others believe they need to be away from all distractions and sounds.  No phones ringing, children playing, no television or music playing, to acheive total concentration.  All of the above techniques are teaching you how to focus.  Focus is the act of concentrating energy onto a specific point to bring about a desired change.  In this way, we begin to learn how to create our daily existance, create our world.  Yet, this is only one facet of meditation when there are many.

For me, meditation has been a “tool” in overcoming the desire to hold on to negative thoughts and in turn, has taught me how to handle and understand the passing away of good thoughts.  I’ve been able to bring the techniques of meditating into my daily way of life.  I know that sounds corny, but let me explain.  Have you heard people say I just let negative things “roll off my back?”  This is something to be desired but, actually pulling it off takes a lot of strength.  I have often wondered about the people that say this.  Are they really letting it “roll off their backs” or are they just internalizing these negative things and it comes out later against someone close to them? 

As I play Tai Chi, many thoughts come into my mind.  Acutally, when you see someone playing Tai Chi they may look as though they are just standing still or moving really slowly, but, a lot is happening and lot is being done…I digress.  Many thoughts come into play outside of the mental work that leads the body to the next movement.  Most thoughts fall into the catagories of desires, memories or some form of reflection.  In meditating many thoughts emerge for me.  However, the work is to allow each thought to come forward, have its time, then allow it to go without lingering or holding onto it.  Have each thought, without attachment. 

As each thought comes it brings emotion with it and those emotions, whether they feel bad or good allow them to go.  Training my mind to no longer maintain attachment to my thoughts and their feelings have allowed me to practice this even when I am not in meditation and dealing with everyday life’s situation.  The mind is very powerful.  In that I have been unable to remove all sound as distractions.  I have found that the more I focus, concentrate and relax the more little sounds that I don’t normally pay attention to, become louder.  The sound of a clock ticking gets louder, if I’m out side the sound of a crickett seems to scream at me. 

I suppose meditation opens other worlds to us that we pass on our daily movements without thought.  It seems to open the world of our own thoughts and physical awareness to us.  What have you experienced during meditation? 

I included this picture of the Pleiades star system since stories by our ancestors have told us this is one of the star systems that sent elements to the Earth for the creation and evolution of human beings. The other is the Black Star Potolo, known in science as Sirius B.