We just don’t seem to learn.   I’m specifically referring to the behavior of Spike Lee, Katt Williams and Dick Gregory.  I do respect Mr. Gregory as a bonafide freedom figher and nothing less unlike Ski Davis of Zuri Speaks Dynasty Network referred to Mr. Gregory as a coon.  However I  balk at the verbal fencing conducted between he and Mr. Lee in publc.  This deminishes any intellectual conversation to just to media hype.  In the case of Katt Williams, I will just say he needs to concern more with removing the beam from his own eye before he speaks on the speck in the eye of someone else.  At any rate, Django Unchained has sparked quite a bit of conversation in all forms of media.  No matter the issue, in this coming era we have to be cognizant of the images being displayed of us and who is displaying those images.


Django Unchained has proven to be a boon for the aboriginal melanated people of the Americas.  Finally, the black hero does not die and in fact not only has a love interest, but in this case he has a wife.   I am aware Quentin Tarantino is given the credit for the film. However, I do remember how the Wachowski brothers were given the credit for the Matrix films and in the end Sistar Sophia Stewart won in court proving she is the mother of the Matrix story and not the Wachowskis.  I could be wrong, but we may see that another aboriginal is being usurped by the “Pinks” this time, but in the name of Quentin Tarantino.  Still, at this time Tarantino will get the credit for covertly telling us that Django is the incarnation of Shango.  The film appears to be a choclate version of Brynhildr, who in Norse (north) mythology is a valkyrie, the female Diety that decides which men live and die on the battlefield..  We who know, understand that Norse (north) mythology is only the pink European’s reinterpretation of abriginal myth.  Or a Europeanization of aboriginal wisdom.

Django is joined with his pink brother King Schultz.  A schultz is one that is a collector of dues and taxes for the lord of the manor.  In this case King Schultz is a collector of corpses for the sherrif or marshall of territories. In short a bounty hunter.  King Schultz says “I sell corpeses…” in this movie the sheriff would be the “lord of the manor.”    The word sherrif comes from one who is the representative of the king. The Schultz buys his brother from slavers and immediately manumits him into freedom.  In a way, Django is given a new life and in fact can carry out his mission to find and recover his wife.  Surely, for those that profess to know and love our people, but never do the research to realize people sold into slavery could and did marry.  Django was on a mission to get his wife back.  Django like Siegfried in the Brynhildr poem, had to overcome great odds to rescue his wife from the mountain of shields.  In this case Candyland.


Make no mistake Django evolves and is revealed as Shango by the end of the movie.  After receiving his freedom, Django immediatly dresses in blue and white.  Yemaya, the mother of us all, the Spirit of the sea, her color in the Americas is blue and white.  Django indicates his new birth by saluting Yemaya in his becoming.  At this stage he is not carrying weapons as such, only what appears to be a tiny two shot Derrenger which he uses to kill a slaver, one of the Brittle brothers on sight.  After utterly destroying the Brittle brothers he moves into his next evolution.


Django changes after being given life, he justly takes lives and transforms to his next evolution.  That of Ogun, the Spirit of iron.  Shango is a Spirit that wields the double headed axe.  Not all males can ascertain the strength to arch over to the feminine to have the crown of ultimate power bestowed upon them, however Shango is the male Spirit that has arched over and displays his connection to the feminine by outwardly weilding the double axe.  The Labrys (Labia) is a symbol of worshipping the Divine Mother.  Django changes clothes to the colors green and black, that of Ogun (Ogou) and sports six shooters on both hips, double weapons symbolizing the double headed axe,  on his side.  At this juncture he begins to come into the fullness of a bounty hunter and kills to sell bodies to the sherrif.  Remember it is Brynhildr (Broomhilda his wife) that determines who will live and die on this battlefield.

Finally after several trials and tribulations and gaining proper status as a Freedman, Django and his Schultz reach the Mountain of Shields or Candyland in this case, in Chicasaw Couny, Mississippi.  Chicasaw means one who is a rebel, one from Chicsa.  Repeatedly we hear the pinks in the movie say to Django “I ain’t neva seent a ni**er like you b’foe.”  They have never seen Ogun from Chicsa, the rebellious one before.  Utiliazing the misdirection of Legba, Ogun or Django plays his role to the hilt, even unto the death of a slave of Monsieur Candy’s that is torn to bits by dogs.  Again, the mission is to save Broomhilda (Brynhildr a Spirit which decides who lives and who dies on the battlefield not Django as many of you think.)  In the proper context we can now see that it was not truly Django’s call to allow the slave to be pulled apart by dogs, but Broomhilda’s. 

Finally, Siegfried (Django) reaches the summit of the mount – Candyland, loses his brother King Schultz as he has completed his destiny and begins the process of saving his wife.  Django must make the final evolution into Shango.  After surmounting great odds, even at the risk of being sold back into slavery Django, this time, frees himself and returns to Candyland to rescue his reason for living, his queen of heaven, Broomhilda.  He then has to become his destiny, and become Shango.  He again changes his wardrobe into a black jacket, burgundy (red) vest and a white shirt.  Wielding his double axe or two six shooters thus begins the final solution for Candyland by killing the mistress of the manor Mosieur Candy’s (lover) sister and tormenting Stephen the house ni**er (played by Samuel L. Jackson who does a masterful job.)  He then collects his wisdom (the valkyrie)Osun and fitting for Shango the Spirit of thunder and lighting, blows Candyland to bits with HN Stephen still alive inside the manor when the explosion occurs.


Shango and Osun, fittingly ride not off into the sunset, but ride into the moonlight. 


Death Is Just Another Side Of Life.

The Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan

How many of us think about death? What comes to mind? I bet the picture that comes to most minds are the death of a loved one or maybe even our own demise. But, have you ever thought of death when winter comes and the skies turn gloomy and the trees turn brown? Or, maybe when the sun sits low in the southern hemisphere during the “cold” months, before it begins it’s journey back to the north? “Death“, my father used to say, “is another side of life“. And I’ve come to realize he was saying a lot in those few words. In the world of Tarot the Death card symbolizes change. I think now, that’s exactly what my old man was saying.

Recently, I’ve been mourning the death of relationships in my life. I never really thought about relationships ending to be a kind of death, until a friendship I had, “changed.” This person was, as some of we Southern Californians say, “the homie.” Or, as the text world puts it today a BFF…lol. But, I’ve come to realize the final “F” in the text means for the life of the friendship not necessarily until we take our last breath.

Even more recently, I’ve come to deal with the fact that family relationships “change” like friendships. Even though one is your brother or sister, there seems to be some growth apart. That loving friendship you once had with a sibling or relative that you grew up with and may have even lived in the same house while growing up, come to an end like friendships.

Most sad of all, are the relationships that end for no apparent reason. They just seem to go away, to change. I guess we just grow apart. It’s not a good feeling to know that this change will no longer bring the comedic calls from a brother or sister at any hour of the night or day. No longer do one’s brother or long time friends rejoice when you return home after being away for a long period of time. Yes, death is another side of life. Simply life “changes.”

Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing #9

  This set of Videos are a visual aide to my last post When will Songs of Love Penetrate the Heart of Fear?  And to all the people of the world.


This next on goes out to the whole  AfroSpear and especially to the brothas Brotherpeacemaker and The Black Sentinel. Though they are singing out Diallo, you can replace the name with Sean Bell or Oscar Grant and the song becomes timeless.

This next video is not for the faint of heart.  The imagery and symbolism may be too much for your senses.  Otherwise if you are full of Mind, then please feel feel free to check the next video.

When Will Songs of Love and Uplift Penetrate Hearts of Fear?

Reggae music is one of my favorite forms of music.  I’m sure you can see this for yourself upon visits to this site.  I was attracted to reggae because of the positive messages in the music and the inspiring words so often sang on behalf of the less fortunate in our communities and our world.  Not only do reggae artist sing for the uplift of humanity, but many other artist contribute vocally to our betterment.  Even today’s gospel music is producing artistes and songs that are taking on a world view in the lyrics. But things seem to be going the opposite direction.  I’m aware not all people listen to reggae music, but shouldn’t the fact that these words being sang, like prayers, into the realm of the unseen, begin to produce a better society?

Words are the seeds of creation, a song enhances the creative process.  The bible teaches that in the beginning was the Word.  Many traditions teach that the Creator sang a song of creation and the sound became light.  So then, with so many songs of Love/Enlightenment/Uplift being spread around the world why are we not beginning to see healing?  Why are we seeing such malicious violence being wrought on humanity?  Is it fear producing such actions?  Are we living in such times that we really have succumbed to the (M/L) formula?  Material over life-love. 

Two things have recently occured in my life that causes me to  think, to really ruminate on the idea of words of power being sung into the ethers.  One is a news event coming out of Jamaica and the other is a personal event I’m experiencing.  Back in April of this year a news story was released in the Jamaica Observer, noting that nearly one million people in Jamaica are squatters, living in over 700 squatter camps across the tiny island of 2.7 million people.  What was even more startiling was the fact that the ministers in Parliament expressed surprise about the news reported by Dr. Horace Chang to Parliament.  Jamaica is not some sprawling metropolis where the Ministers of Parliament can drive and live without ever seeing such living conditions.  How can they express surprise at a living  situation that’s been going on for years?  This expresses the basic comtempt for their fellow Jamaicans and fellow human beings.  Squatting occurs in the land where reggae music was born and grew.  Those in charge and in goverment on the island must be plagued with fear of “not enough” overwhelming, the calls of songs for unconditional love for its people.  Bob Marley sang “…the brotherly love, the sisterly love I feel this morning, this morning.”  I wonder where that feeling went.

Fear of “not enough”, not only tears nations, towns and communities apart, but destroys families.  In recent years I have experienced a family memeber dying and the result has been the destruction of what seemed to be inpenetrable love.  Yet, these deaths have opened a sleeping volcano of greed that I thought didn’t exist within he hearts of these family members.  This most recent death has exposed the fearful heart of a loved one, causing a chasm to develop within the family.  How could one that expressed so much love of family, express so much love for his god, now expose himself as such an expert liar and possible thief?  Apparently, this being, is no better than the beings he arrests and sends to prison.  No better than the liars, thieves, murderers and rapist he holds in so much contempt.  Maybe Sigmund Freud was correct when he said police officers and criminals are twigs off the same branch.

In any event we must continue to sing songs of uplift for humanity.  Sing songs of unconditional love like prayers going into the unseen for a better tomorrow, for a better day.  I am determined not to succumb to fear.  I will continue to do as one Bob Marley songs suggests “…Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.”  Fear is manifest in many ways including anger, stealing, hate, rape, glutoney, mischief, jealousy and much more.  Fear is a mind killer. I guess some family members feel their need superseeds the needs and wants of others much like a drug addict in the need of drugs.   Their fear is expressed in their addiction, as we know a junky will lie, cheat and steal what they know is not rightfully theirs.

Are We in a Post Religion Era? Or Entering the Age of Knowing? The Case of Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding

Redding had been an ordained minister for more than two decades when she converted to Islam.

Recently I was visiting Hagar’s Daughters blog and came upon an interesting post entitled, And You Call Yourself a Christian Part 3 over at the Somthing Withinblog.  The post centered around the disposition (defrocking) of Episcopal priest, Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, who has been a practicing Muslim for the last three years,  at the same time maintaining her position as a Christian priest in the Episcopal church.  The author of the post Rev. Dr. Renita J.  Weems states at the end that “I must say that while I respect and admire Ann Holmes Redding greatly, I’m still scratching my head about this one. I’m still gathering my thoughts and feelings about it.  It feels right, but I’m not sure. Perhaps we’re moving toward a post-religion era.”

Rev. Redding says “…the perspectives and practices of Islam, for me in my own experience, strengthen my witness to the good news of God, and the good news of God in Jesus, the good news of God in Muhammad, the good news of God period.  For me the paths have met and I’m walking on both of them because they’ve met…”  In a previous post here entitled Your Religion Should Do More Than Teach You Rituals, I noted “ When we embark upon seeking the Mystery, we find that the walls of ritual separation begin to come tumbling down and that our allegiance to the organization is only a platform or bridge by which to communicate the essence of the Mystery.”   

Jesus was the one to announce the Age of Aquarius:
“a man will meet you carrying an earthen pitcher of
water; follow him into the house where he goes in”
(Luke 22:10; Mark 14:13.) The Last Supper was the
symbol of the future “unio mystica.”

This is the region, I believe Rev. Redding has now ascended.  I believe she has spanned the vast gulf of separation and has now come to the consciousness of the One is the many and the many is the One, demonstrating exactly the point I was making.   Quite a few of the commenter’s including the author of the post at Something Within are “scratching their heads” I believe, only because they cannot see what I call the Mystery due to the ritual walls blocking their vista.  However, Dr. Weems doesn’t shut out the concept, but only wonders about it, seemingly in a positive light “…. It feels right, but I’m not sure. Perhaps we’re moving toward a post-religion era.”   Like it or not we are entering an age of truly knowing as opposed to believing, many call it the age of Aquarius where we will begin to come to a deeper understanding of the spiritual presence around us.  Post Religion Era, Age of Knowing or Age of Aquarius, no matter name the winds of change are upon us.

Your Religion Should Do More Than Teach You Ritual

Jesus said, “If those who lead you say to you, ‘See, the kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” –The Gospel of Thomas

We all, at some level, are seeking to find answers to our human existence, creation, spiritual uplift/ fulfillment or the meaning of life. In our quest, we seek out organizations that may meet certain core beliefs we retain from childhood or beliefs we have come to accept during our learning process in life. Our organizational choices, be they a certain Christian sect, Islam, RastafarI, Judaism or something else fitting your standards meet with certain rituals or dress that indicate our connection with the organization. But, should our choices not lead us to a greater spiritual and cosmic awareness?

Your religion should teach you more than their rituals and dress code. Each organization should light a fire in it’s adherents for continued study, not only of their tenets but, reaching further into the world of its esoteric roots. The fundamentals of all major religions is to provide a foundation for civilized living between human beings and establish laws to foment positive living conditions amongst people. Deeper still, there is an underlying Mystery that guides these laws and principles that should be searched out and studied and inscribed on our hearts. When we embark upon seeking the mystery, we find that the walls of ritual separation begin to come tumbling down and that our allegiance to the organization is only a platform or bridge by which to communicate the essence of the Mystery.

The Mystery is not the clothing one wears, yet it is. The Mystery is not the hair style you wear, yet it is. The Mystery is not the language of your organization, yet it is. The Mystery is not your sacred book, yet it is. The Mystery is not matter, yet it is. The Mystery is not male or female, yet it is. The Mystery is not plant or animal, yet it is. The Mystery is and is not, yet it is. The Mystery is within you.






Beautiful Springtime!

Yes its that time again, beautiful springtime.  Ok, at least here in the Southeast spring has sprung.  Each and every year I look forward to planting my garden, but more than ever it will be most important to grow food for the family.  Unfortunately, the “bigger heads” are predicting a 5 percent increase in food costs here in the U.S.  This year for me the focus will be on such staples as tomatos, corn, beans, broccoli, lettuce and of course chiles of many types.  I am a chile pepper fan no doubt and will have scotch bonnets, jalapenos, bell pepper, cayenne, banana peppers and poblano.  Last but not least, are my herbs.  Yes, legal herb of course.  I will keep my rosemary growing, thyme, mint, mexican oregano, italian oregano, chives mint and much more.

Meet Me At The Crossroads

We are at the Crossroads. We are at the place of decision. We can cast our lot to the dogs, hang our heads in defeat and allow the current of negativity to overwhelm our very existence and sweep us under the wave of great loss. Or we can vault into the coming era of connectivity, into the mind of us all being in relations to one another. The crossroads is the place of decision, a place of options, a place of optimism or despair. It is our choice. So how will you choose? This current wave of selfishness is being forced out of our global society. We are living in the death throes of the “I/my/me” era. And as such, death throes can be deadly to others while the dying entity thrashes about gasping for is last breaths of life.
In this, we are witnessing such a destructive nature in our global society so widespread that may not be rivaled in any other cycle of time. And the mind of separation is painfully disassembling with destructive dimensions. Runaway corporate profits are drying up and with it will be the corporate culture of “get money” and care about the people it profits from later. The exposure of Peanut Corp of America’s processing plant in Blakely, GA where company officials knew of the salmonella contamination and STILL SHIPPED the peanut butter and paste, after no less than 12, yes 12, instances of contamination in 2007 and 2008 were identified! Business culture itself has become contaminated so much that human life is less than the life of the business.
How can a society accept the freezing death of a man that is 93 years old? Marvin Schur, had the money to pay his bill, though he was behind, yet in the dead of winter a power company has the legal authority to put a limiter on his home to avoid too much usage, which will surely occur when temperatures don‘t get higher than 16 degrees. An official at Bay City Electric Light and Power said “… Bay City Electric Light & Power’s policies will be reviewed, but he didn’t believe the city did anything wrong.” I beg to differ. You did something wrong, but you may not have done anything illegal. That, Mr. Belleman, is a far cry from being wrong. This is a symptom of the mind of separation. The mind of continuity knows that what happens here will affect there.
I have often wondered why people on their jobs just seem not to care. The average worker has been forced to meet quotas by the companies they work for, pushing them to limits that destroys any compassion for the people being served. And there may be an increase of pressure by the companies at this time knowing people want to hang onto their jobs. This pressing of the worker may be a contributing factor in the loss of compassion toward their fellow human beings.

As we enter into what seems like the Great Depression Part II, we are offered an opportunity to expand and create compassion for one another. Shortages of one thing or another may drive people back to helping each other. It may resurrect the heart of humanity rebuilding kinship with your neighbors, friends and family. The Crossroads offers us the choice, to be human or dogs. Cast your lot, and choose your road.

Optimism or despair?







Can meditation help you in your daily affairs?

The Pleiades, an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus. NASA photo

Pleiades star system. 

I don’t know if there is a sure fire way of meditating.  Some disciplines prescribe meditating on a perticular word or sound.  As certain sounds work in conjunction with the mind, the total body or specific organs in the body.  I know of people that meditate on a certain set of thoughts, of situations or circumstances they wish to bring into manifestation or gain clarity. 

Others believe they need to be away from all distractions and sounds.  No phones ringing, children playing, no television or music playing, to acheive total concentration.  All of the above techniques are teaching you how to focus.  Focus is the act of concentrating energy onto a specific point to bring about a desired change.  In this way, we begin to learn how to create our daily existance, create our world.  Yet, this is only one facet of meditation when there are many.

For me, meditation has been a “tool” in overcoming the desire to hold on to negative thoughts and in turn, has taught me how to handle and understand the passing away of good thoughts.  I’ve been able to bring the techniques of meditating into my daily way of life.  I know that sounds corny, but let me explain.  Have you heard people say I just let negative things “roll off my back?”  This is something to be desired but, actually pulling it off takes a lot of strength.  I have often wondered about the people that say this.  Are they really letting it “roll off their backs” or are they just internalizing these negative things and it comes out later against someone close to them? 

As I play Tai Chi, many thoughts come into my mind.  Acutally, when you see someone playing Tai Chi they may look as though they are just standing still or moving really slowly, but, a lot is happening and lot is being done…I digress.  Many thoughts come into play outside of the mental work that leads the body to the next movement.  Most thoughts fall into the catagories of desires, memories or some form of reflection.  In meditating many thoughts emerge for me.  However, the work is to allow each thought to come forward, have its time, then allow it to go without lingering or holding onto it.  Have each thought, without attachment. 

As each thought comes it brings emotion with it and those emotions, whether they feel bad or good allow them to go.  Training my mind to no longer maintain attachment to my thoughts and their feelings have allowed me to practice this even when I am not in meditation and dealing with everyday life’s situation.  The mind is very powerful.  In that I have been unable to remove all sound as distractions.  I have found that the more I focus, concentrate and relax the more little sounds that I don’t normally pay attention to, become louder.  The sound of a clock ticking gets louder, if I’m out side the sound of a crickett seems to scream at me. 

I suppose meditation opens other worlds to us that we pass on our daily movements without thought.  It seems to open the world of our own thoughts and physical awareness to us.  What have you experienced during meditation? 

I included this picture of the Pleiades star system since stories by our ancestors have told us this is one of the star systems that sent elements to the Earth for the creation and evolution of human beings. The other is the Black Star Potolo, known in science as Sirius B.