Tilapia, Worse For You Than Ever Before?

We really need to be cognizant of what we purchase as food these days.  We’ve all heard that eating fish is touted as being one of the best foods for our health, because fish provide the needed Omega 3 fatty acids required by humans for optimum health.  But, what cost do we pay attempting to absorb healthy Omega 3 fatty acids by eating fish?  Taking supplements of vitamins and minerals by mouth have proven to be effective to a certain level however, the body assimilates vitamins and minerals best by eating.  Because, people tend to shop for food by price more than the benefit the food may offer, and tilapia fish don’t smell fishy or have a fishy taste it has been a big seller even to the tune of almost 500 million pounds consumed each year in the United States by people attempting to get the desired Omega 3 fatty acids the fish may offer.

Tilapia has also proven to be one of the cheapest fish to purchase in the super market, but there is a reason the fish is so cheap.  One reason its cheap is that it lacks the proper amounts of Omega 3s believed by the population to be present because it is fish.  And,  according to Michael Doyle Director of the Center for Food Safety  “While there are some really good aquaculture ponds in Asia, in many of these ponds — or really in most of these ponds — it’s typical to use untreated chicken manure as the primary nutrition,” he told MSN News. “In some places, like Thailand for example, they will just put the chickens over the pond and they just poop right in the pond.”  

Due to these living conditions the fish are treated with large amounts of antibiotics as a prophylactic against salmonella and E Coli.  In turn, when people eat the fish  and these same antibiotics are absorbed into their bodies, and linked to the ever growing antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria among us.  Yet, there is a much more sinister aspect to the eating of this fish and others.   AquaBounty has petitioned the Food And Drug Administration to introduce “designer” genetically engineered AquAdvantage® salmon into the food chain.  These GE salmon will be the first (known) genetically engineered  fish to be sold onto the U.S. market.  Their genetically engineered salmon grow faster and bigger than the natural fish  in a shorter amount of time. 

AquaBounty, which designs the genetically engineered salmon eggs on Prince Edward Island, Canada and sends the eggs to Panama where they raise and farm these animals.   AquAdvantage® “lost” several of its GE salmon during a storm in Panama in 2008.   According to Outsideonline.com “an unusually severe storm” in Panama, as AquaBounty revealed in an August 15, 2008, memo to their investors…”  These “lost” AquAdvantage® salmon are now free to mate have been mating with natural salmon (and create a new species?)  So, what has all this salmon talk have to do with tilapia?

AquaBounty is now designing genetically engineered tilapia fish.  Tilapia fish are a vegetarian fish that will grow (even in a garbage can) and consume almost anything (including chicken manure) other than flesh, which makes them one of the easiist  fish to farm on the commercial side.  AquaBounty has designed the tilapia to grow faster than “traditional” tilapia (notice the word natural cannot be used here.)  And yet, they will not go into detail concerning how they cause this super growth.  At any rate, tilapia will be managed genetically and sold over into the U.S. population and an unwitting public may become more manipulated since people give no thought about what or how animals are prepared for their consumption.  AquaBounty has plans to design trout along with their AquAdvantage® salmon and tilapia.  Like the TV commercial that says whats in your wallet?  Ask yourself whats in you stomach?


Fukushima, Japan And You.

“And the second angel trumpeted [And the second angel sang in trump]; and as a great hill burning with fire was cast into the sea…and the third part of [the] creatures was dead…”

It’s all to easy to forget something if the news does not continue to bring that thought to the top of your mind.    The nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan is still leaking radiation into the Pacific Ocean.  Comic fun has been poked at what’s happening off the coast of Japan by the posting of fake mutant turtles coming ashore.

However, this is in fact a serious matter that’s being ignored by the news and of course this means the general population is unaware of possible effects the radiation is bringing to the West Coast of the U.S.  There is a natural jet stream of air that flows around the planet.  Have you ever noticed when you’ve purchased an airline ticket that when flying from west to east the times are shorter than flying from east to west?

In fact during World War II, the Japanese army sought to exploit the westerly jet stream by attaching bombs to balloons, launching them into the air and hoping  that the jet stream would eventually carry them to the United States on the wind.  It was their hope that the bombs would explode somewhere in the States without having the expenditure of utilizing their navy and aircraft.  This same westerly jet stream is bringing the radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants to the United States as I write these words.  Be not alarmed as there are ways to protect yourself when you know what’s going on.

When the nuclear bombs exploded over the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima there were many, many horrible deaths that took place immediately and incinerating people into nothing.  But, the long-term effects of the nuclear blasts lasted for decades.  Though thousands of people died of radiation poisoning in the decades to come there were many more that lived without any effects of the radiation.  It was found that those who survived without radiation poisoning were heavy consumers of fermented soy or Miso and these survived with little to no effects.

We can protect ourselves right now by consuming Miso in our diet.  We can add organic seaweed to our diets to protect against the coming radiation (coming because each time it rains radiation falls on us.)  By adding these products to our regimen and avoiding as much produce grown on the west coast and fish from the Pacific Ocean as possible, we can combat the ill effects of radiation and protect our space suits or what most people call our bodies.  There are more fermented soy products other than Miso.  There is Doenjang from Korea, Douchi from China used to make black bean sauce, and Tauco from Indonesia just to name a few.

Be Healthy!


All to often there’s some new and quirky product coming onto the market appealing to a particular demographics senses.  The health and wellness industry has fashioned our thinking into searching out products that are “organic” or “natural” to somehow improve something or other we humans perceive as a flaw.  Correcting this flaw naturally is the appeal as opposed to unnatural whatever that may be.

Avon recently introduced a product line they call Avon Elements.  Avon, seems to go out of its way to show how you can improve your skin by using their “natural” based product line.   Avon Elements Moisture Boost Daily Moisture Lotion is made with Sea Oak.  Immediately, I thought to myself that this is some ish they made up.  Sea Oak???  I thought this is another product being made with something that is supposed to be natural from an “element” that is natural that no one has ever heard of before.  So, of course to Google I go.  I typed in Sea Oak, and noting of value came up.  Sea Oak.  Really?  After a bit more searching I finally located something on what turns our to be actually something many of us know of if you have ever done any reading and research on herbs and natural healing..

After a bit more searching I in fact found that Sea Oak was actually a sea plant.  Fucus Vesiculosus, or Sea Oak is commonly known as Bladderwrack.  Bladderwrack is found in the North and Baltic Seas.  The Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  I suppose this means it’s not found in the Indian, Arctic Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico or the Mediterranean.  However, there are several minerals in Bladderwrack, but the over whelming mineral is iodine.  But, iodine working in the body is great for thyroid function, but I wondered how Bladderwrack was good for the skin.

Living Strong writes that Bladderwrack (Avon calls it Sea Oak) powder “…is filled with minerals that help nourish and cleanse the skin of toxins that cause dryness, wrinkles and excess fluid retention…”  Seems Avon has in hit upon something natural that is good for the body that comes from the Earth, her seas and oceans that will help make you look rested and healthier.  This however, should be used along with a proper liveit as opposed to diet to bring out the best in your natural beauty within.  Always augment the use of any external products with proper amounts of water and fresh live fruits and veggies.



My new eating regimen has opened me up to the fact that I am feeling well fed by consuming soups.  In fact I think I have become a soup fanatic, much as back in the day when I learned I was a french fry fanatic.  Now, as my eating evolution continues, I can confidently say I am officially a soup fanatic.  Not only desiring to eat them but, create, and make my own soups.  Some are age-old and well-known but, with my particular spin and others are solely my own creation.  One soup in particular I learned to love was Menudo.  Menudo is a soup served in Mexico on Saturdays.  Much like other cultures, as in Jamaica cow foot or red pea soup is served on Saturday, so in Mexico its Menudo.

Growing up in So Cal, much of the Mexican  cusine, specifically Baja style cusine, greatly influences everyone living there no matter their state or country of origin.  Baja style food enveloped us all and my mother became quite the Menudo maker (my mother’s version of Menudo was closer to the Sonoran blanco style not the more common red chile based variety.)   Beef feet (Jamaicans call cow foot), beef tripe, pig feet, pig tails and hominy filled the pot.  Besides that she added in all those special Mexican herbs and spices that just gave the house this special aroma and the finished soup made our mouths so happy.  Over time, my diet regimen no longer could take the eating of the beef feet and never really liked the tripe (cow stomach) and surely did not ever eat pig feet of pig tail (floppers, pig tails and ears and trotters as my father called them) but hell I still loved my menudo.  I had to come up with my own version of the Mexican souper Saturday meal.

I was in the farmer’s market one day, passing the Latin aisle and saw a can of Menudo on the shelf and it hit me.  I would mimic all the flavors of Sonoran blanco style Menudo, but make it vegetarian.  What was most apparent to me that I had to do, was to keep that authentic Mexican flavor, but leave out the tripe,cow foot and pig’s feet.  I start by  washing and soaking cannelloni beans for about 30 minutes.  Put them on the stove with the fire on high to bring the beans to a boil.  Never add salt to your water, this causes the beans to be a little tough and take longer to cook.  You can add salt after they have become softer and you begin to add your spices.  After the beans have cooked for about 30 to 45  minutes, I will add some tomatoes and bring them back to a boil.  Then comes the good stuff.

To this I add fresh corn off the cobb (of course you can use frozen corn if you cannot get it fresh in your area),  a chopped yellow onion, green, red and yellow bell peppers, one mild serrano chile, a roasted poblano and a 28 ounce can of hominy.  Let that boil  together for about 15 minutes, add in sea salt to taste, black pepper, garlic and onion powder and the final coup de gras, a nice pinch of Mexican oregano.  Now, Mexican oregano is not the same as your common Greek or Italian oregano, it has a distinctive flavor and aroma of its own.  Bring everything back up to boil again for about ten minutes then turn off the pot leaving the lid on to steam the flavors down.

After about 15 minutes, take the top off toss in a hand full of cilantro chopped fine and cut a lime and squeeze half a lime directly into the pot, and recover.  This will allow the flavor to emit from the cilantro and allow the lime to seep into the food.  On the side chop and make some Mexican Salsa (Pico de Gallo), chopped scallions for garnishing along with a few lemon wedges.  Next, warm a few flour tortillas up and get ready to chow down.  I love to drink a nice cerveza with a warm bowl of vegetable Menudo and some Tapa Tio hot sauce.  Enjoy!


And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived…Numbers 21:9

Growing up, there was a certain fear of snakes I had.  My mother is deathly afraid of snakes and worms, so that fear was passed on to me.  Now, I didn’t have that deathly fear of snakes as my mother, but of course there is some dread should one appear in my vicinity.   The Christian’s imagery of  the snake that of old serpent Satan, who was sent here to lie and deceive us certainly plays a major role in people’s fear of snakes.  The time is coming eventually that we will gain the understanding that the story of the serpent that deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden was actually used as an allegory to express the change from matriarchal society to patriarchal society.  Though, the snake in nature is thought to be sneaky and cunning, however is also the wise one as well. 

For one  reason or another, people maintain this fear of the snake, but should they become ill the serpent is what they will seek.  No matter where one travels in the world this universal symbol is recognizable.  For instance if you’re traveling in a country where you don’t know the language, you become sick and need medical attention there is a great chance you will seek out a building,  a person wearing a uniform, or a vehicle that may have the symbol of two serpents intertwined upon a staff, because the mind recognizes this symbol as a symbol of the practice of medicine.   Yet, we fear the snake.   But, maybe there is something to this fear of these particular  serpents.

Greek physicians utilized the Staff of Asclepius as their symbol for the art of medicine, which was the staff  dedicated to the God of medicine, Asclepius.  This God came to the Greeks by way of Ethiopia known in Egypt as Im-Hotep, One who comes in peace.  However, today we seek out the Caduceus, the staff above with the two snakes wrapped around a staff.  The Caduceus in fact is the Greek symbol for commerce and merchants, and not a symbol of the healing arts.  So, today, in this country of  the good  U.S. of A  where the people are  embroiled in and overwhelmed by conversation about the Affordable Care Act or  Obamacare, them true point is rearly spoken of and is shot right over the head (or should I say behind the back) of  the general population  is the fact that the merchants of MediSin,  the insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations will net the greatest financial gain through it all.  There is no mistake as to why the Caduceus was selected to represent healthcare.

MediSin – Dr. Scott Whitaker

By Victor Amenta Posted in Health


For almost two months I kept having dreams with one reoccurring theme.  Often I would wake during the night, stumble to the bathroom, come back to bed and when I went back to sleep the dream would continue.  Throughout out my life it has not been unusual for me to continue a dream after waking and as a child this used to terrify me.  As I grew, I would continue to have dreams of various kinds. I would experience dreams  that would be as exciting as watching a movie at the theater with a serious plot, to having a dream within a dream.

This time was the first time I had ever experienced a re-occurring theme.  For almost two months I dreamt of snakes.  Now, I wasn’t troubled by the dream, never chased by the snakes nor did I ever feel threatened by the snakes, they were just there never menacing just in the dream doing whatever snakes do naturally.  I first tried to relate the theme to the early movement of snakes in the city this spring.  Since it got warm early this year snakes were on the move early.  We also had more rabbits than usual in our area.  So, I also believed we saw more snakes based on the rabbit population. 

After a while I knew that I needed to study about this.  Anyway, I read about snakes in your dreams and learned much of it was about renewing.  I also learned that snakes in one’s dreams had something to do with health and wellness.  That hit home since I have been on a quest to improve my eating regimen and move very close to a 95% plant-based diet. I hesitated to tell anyone about the dreams,  since most people who are of the Christian way immediately tell you that it was the “enemy” or Satan you’re dreaming about and I didn’t want to hear that.  That belief is far off the mark.  Whenever someone says to me that snakes are the “enemy”, I often responded by asking if that were true, why would God have Moses put a snake on a rod in order to heal the people?  The answer is often a blank stare.  So, I embarked on looking into what I thought was the foundation or basis for the caduceus, the two snakes intertwined upon a staff.  I  was surprised to learn that the caduceus has nothing to do with health and healing whatsoever!


Reading is fundamental.  This became like a mantra when I was growing up.  There was a Reading Is Fundamental organization that would bring a mobile library around with books for children to read and they would also visit schools in the school district my schools was a part.  Yet, reading which can lead to studying and even researching may be more than simply fundamental for functioning properly in the U.S. and the world.  Reading may save your life.

While watching the 10 minutes of news per day I will allow myself to ingest, I saw the nearly 90-year-old Rev. Joseph Lowery on a news release on an event here in Atlanta.  Looking as well he looks, hair looking healthy, skin looking healthy, he  may have some physical difficulty, but the man was still full of life. I then remembered once reading something about the dis-ease named Alzheimer’s.  It appears the higher the education, the lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.  While looking at Rev. Lowery I could see that this was true.  In fact Betty White is an example of a woman who has lived a significant number of years and seems to be very much in control of her mental faculties.  Education, it appears, does keep people mentally aware in this day and age of brain deterioration.

Before we go on, allow me to deal with the term education.  It’s quite common to relate the word education with higher learning,  of course higher learning drums up images of college campuses text books and a beautiful autumn afternoon.  Truly, we pigeon-hole ourselves if we only believe higher education is simply book learning.  That thought reminds me of a humorous line on the Everybody Loves Raymond show when his brother Robert jokingly says “Pa wasn’t into fancy book learning…”    But, I digress.  Simply reading books and taking in whatever information you can glean from them is educating you.  And, often this can lead down a rabbit hole of learning.  Learning new words, new foods, cultures and even different languages or phrases and idioms of other languages that are not your own.

We need to learn to love what we are learning, and have learned, as a wonderful education and don’t dismiss it as trivia because it wasn’t learned at some “fancy named institution.”  We should also be willing to accept, as part of our education what we learn physically.  Muscles actually learn physical movements and activity.  If you have ever lifted weights or did some biking then had to stop for an extended period of time then came  back to it you should  have noitced that restarting was not as difficult as when you first began your workout routine.   Thats because of muscle memory.

Apparently, other studies have concluded that physical exercise fends off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.  Studying Tai Chi Chuan is a fantastic way to exercise.  Not only does Tai Chi include using the mind to imagine the next posture, but you must achieve the proper physical form to accomplish the posture.  When I began studying Kung Fu, my Sifu admonished us to read as much as we can on the art, its history and read the concepts of all the forms.  By the time I moved into the internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan it became imperative to read and study what one reads.  Then move into physically producing what was read and studied. 

Tai Chi Chuan as practiced in its slow-moving form is deceptive to those that do not practice.  The slow and precise movement are often viewed as not having an effect on the body, many complain that they may not receive a “good” workout.  Yet, the opposite is the case.   The slow movements allows you to analyze your body mechanics to perfect the posture.  In fact each posture can be and should be studied individually.  This then encompasses both the reading and learning aspect that may deter Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Work ethics and healthcare

Recently, I’ve been thinking about ethics in the work place.  It’s actually been mulling around in my head for quite sometime.  At my own place of business I’ve noticed what appears to be an increase of poor work ethics or maybe in the position I hold I am able to see it more clearly than I have before.  I understand that it may be human nature for people to take the easy way out of things, take the path of least resistance in life,  but, when it comes to your job is there really room for such short cuts?  Especially when we hold a position that directly affects the public.  Now, my job doesn’t include the health of an individual, but it does involve their finances.  When there is something I can do, within job guidelines, to satisfy a customer and the resolution presents a win win situation for the customer and the company, its done!  No matter how difficult the situation, or even if it appears to be beyond my scope of knowledge, I work to satisfy that customer. 

However,  recently I have become aware of so many of my co-workers that will shovel work under the mat, lay it aside and down right forget to follow up and never attend to the customer’s need.  This presents a problem that often grows like an untreated cancer and spreads until the situation is rectified.  Even, since my father passed a year ago, my mother has had to deal with banks, insurance companies and many other business entities and it has been astonishing to find how much incompetence she has had to deal with on several occasions.  And like my job many of these people have been on the job for 2-5 years working in the same capacity.  

This lack of competence or lack of ethical behavior, or maybe a combination of both, concerns me deeply when we begin to speak of healthcare in the U.S..  People are the same whether we are speaking of healthcare or banking and those that would seek short cuts in banking maybe the same personality that will seek short cuts while working in the healthcare field.   The person that arrives to work with heavy personal burdens at a financial institution can be the same personality that arrives at a hospital for work.  Yet, worse are those that willfully give lesser attention to a patient when they know they could do more. 

As the healthcare debate rages on, I hear little talk about improving work conditions for the healthcare workers.  I don’t know what checks and balances are in place to protect the patient, but I know as long as humans seek the path of least resistance, there is no guarantee that the healthcare you receive will be competent compassionate healthcare.  Unlike most sciences, medical practice is as much an art as it is a science.   And, art requires a certain level of  sensitivity.

What is the Supreme Ultimate?

This s a question that’s ages old, as old as the oldest human fossil on Earth.  I suppose then, The Supreme Ultimate is ageless.  Without age or time.  The Great Ridgepole.  Indeterminate, as described by Chou Tun-i.  Maybe working so hard to describe the indescribable could be in itself a futile act.  There are somethings that cannot be described, cannot be bound to a word or words.  Somethings have to be experienced, felt from within.  I have read many thesis’ that attempt to explain the Supreme Ultimate.  I love reading them, they seem to touch on the truths we all understand from our own experiences, mostly while playing Tai Chi.  But, as I read these explainations I know there is so much more that cannot be put into words.  Maybe the Supreme Ultimate is never to be fully explained in words?   How can one explain what is in itself inexplicable, but at the same time potentially explains all?

Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing #14

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