When Will Songs of Love and Uplift Penetrate Hearts of Fear?


Reggae music is one of my favorite forms of music.  I’m sure you can see this for yourself upon visits to this site.  I was attracted to reggae because of the positive messages in the music and the inspiring words so often sang on behalf of the less fortunate in our communities and our world.  Not only do reggae artist sing for the uplift of humanity, but many other artist contribute vocally to our betterment.  Even today’s gospel music is producing artistes and songs that are taking on a world view in the lyrics. But things seem to be going the opposite direction.  I’m aware not all people listen to reggae music, but shouldn’t the fact that these words being sang, like prayers, into the realm of the unseen, begin to produce a better society?

Words are the seeds of creation, a song enhances the creative process.  The bible teaches that in the beginning was the Word.  Many traditions teach that the Creator sang a song of creation and the sound became light.  So then, with so many songs of Love/Enlightenment/Uplift being spread around the world why are we not beginning to see healing?  Why are we seeing such malicious violence being wrought on humanity?  Is it fear producing such actions?  Are we living in such times that we really have succumbed to the (M/L) formula?  Material over life-love. 

Two things have recently occured in my life that causes me to  think, to really ruminate on the idea of words of power being sung into the ethers.  One is a news event coming out of Jamaica and the other is a personal event I’m experiencing.  Back in April of this year a news story was released in the Jamaica Observer, noting that nearly one million people in Jamaica are squatters, living in over 700 squatter camps across the tiny island of 2.7 million people.  What was even more startiling was the fact that the ministers in Parliament expressed surprise about the news reported by Dr. Horace Chang to Parliament.  Jamaica is not some sprawling metropolis where the Ministers of Parliament can drive and live without ever seeing such living conditions.  How can they express surprise at a living  situation that’s been going on for years?  This expresses the basic comtempt for their fellow Jamaicans and fellow human beings.  Squatting occurs in the land where reggae music was born and grew.  Those in charge and in goverment on the island must be plagued with fear of “not enough” overwhelming, the calls of songs for unconditional love for its people.  Bob Marley sang “…the brotherly love, the sisterly love I feel this morning, this morning.”  I wonder where that feeling went.

Fear of “not enough”, not only tears nations, towns and communities apart, but destroys families.  In recent years I have experienced a family memeber dying and the result has been the destruction of what seemed to be inpenetrable love.  Yet, these deaths have opened a sleeping volcano of greed that I thought didn’t exist within he hearts of these family members.  This most recent death has exposed the fearful heart of a loved one, causing a chasm to develop within the family.  How could one that expressed so much love of family, express so much love for his god, now expose himself as such an expert liar and possible thief?  Apparently, this being, is no better than the beings he arrests and sends to prison.  No better than the liars, thieves, murderers and rapist he holds in so much contempt.  Maybe Sigmund Freud was correct when he said police officers and criminals are twigs off the same branch.

In any event we must continue to sing songs of uplift for humanity.  Sing songs of unconditional love like prayers going into the unseen for a better tomorrow, for a better day.  I am determined not to succumb to fear.  I will continue to do as one Bob Marley songs suggests “…Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.”  Fear is manifest in many ways including anger, stealing, hate, rape, glutoney, mischief, jealousy and much more.  Fear is a mind killer. I guess some family members feel their need superseeds the needs and wants of others much like a drug addict in the need of drugs.   Their fear is expressed in their addiction, as we know a junky will lie, cheat and steal what they know is not rightfully theirs.


When to Act vs React; A Tai Chi viewpoint

Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, is calling attention to a cartoon in February 18Th’s edition of the New York Post, that depicts two police officers making a comment after shooting a chimpanzee, concerning the stimulus/recovery plan that was written by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 17th.  

Many in the Black collective are taking offense to the cartoon, spurred on by Rev. Sharpton, based on the historical  precedence of white racists referring to African Americans as monkeys.   Recall the famed sports announcer Howard Cosell apologizing after yelling into the microphone “look at that little monkey run” during a September game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins in 1985.  Now, in the case of Howard Cosell I don’t believe he was being racist but, he did pay the price for using the word because racist of the past (and present)  have used it to disparage Black people.

However, as Sharpton calls people to action against cartoonist Sean Delonas and the New York Post, got me thinking about what action is and what reaction is.  Actions are usually a calculated response from a group or individual.  An action is a deliberate and focused response to a previous action (sometimes an action is the first move), with an outcome, if directed with good intent, will put the initial actor into a defensive posture.  Often the initial action is used to probe or irritate as an offensive and is often a form of controlling the outcome when, and if an individual or group reacts.

Reactions are often not planned and are a quick (possibly knee jerk) responses to a probing action.   This gives the primary actor the advantage of control rather than having to defend the original action.  In this, the moves by the Rev. Sharpton gives the appearance of  a half hearted reaction playing on the emotional psyche of the people he’s rousing.   These reactions by the Right Reverend most often lead to no where in the long run, the original actor is stung but, not truly harmed by these faux reactions.

It takes patience (which has nothing to do with a long delay or acting passive) to forge a deliberate action.  An action by the Reverend and those with him will render the cartoonist and the New York Post defenseless.  They will not be able to rebound so easily like the reactionary motion Rev. Sharpton took against Don Imus and his crew.  A decisive action will cause a rise in the consciousness of both parties that MAY forstall any further probing actions by those who wish to control.

New York Post Cops Shooting Obama Cartoon Al Sharpton Furor

Meet Me At The Crossroads

We are at the Crossroads. We are at the place of decision. We can cast our lot to the dogs, hang our heads in defeat and allow the current of negativity to overwhelm our very existence and sweep us under the wave of great loss. Or we can vault into the coming era of connectivity, into the mind of us all being in relations to one another. The crossroads is the place of decision, a place of options, a place of optimism or despair. It is our choice. So how will you choose? This current wave of selfishness is being forced out of our global society. We are living in the death throes of the “I/my/me” era. And as such, death throes can be deadly to others while the dying entity thrashes about gasping for is last breaths of life.
In this, we are witnessing such a destructive nature in our global society so widespread that may not be rivaled in any other cycle of time. And the mind of separation is painfully disassembling with destructive dimensions. Runaway corporate profits are drying up and with it will be the corporate culture of “get money” and care about the people it profits from later. The exposure of Peanut Corp of America’s processing plant in Blakely, GA where company officials knew of the salmonella contamination and STILL SHIPPED the peanut butter and paste, after no less than 12, yes 12, instances of contamination in 2007 and 2008 were identified! Business culture itself has become contaminated so much that human life is less than the life of the business.
How can a society accept the freezing death of a man that is 93 years old? Marvin Schur, had the money to pay his bill, though he was behind, yet in the dead of winter a power company has the legal authority to put a limiter on his home to avoid too much usage, which will surely occur when temperatures don‘t get higher than 16 degrees. An official at Bay City Electric Light and Power said “… Bay City Electric Light & Power’s policies will be reviewed, but he didn’t believe the city did anything wrong.” I beg to differ. You did something wrong, but you may not have done anything illegal. That, Mr. Belleman, is a far cry from being wrong. This is a symptom of the mind of separation. The mind of continuity knows that what happens here will affect there.
I have often wondered why people on their jobs just seem not to care. The average worker has been forced to meet quotas by the companies they work for, pushing them to limits that destroys any compassion for the people being served. And there may be an increase of pressure by the companies at this time knowing people want to hang onto their jobs. This pressing of the worker may be a contributing factor in the loss of compassion toward their fellow human beings.

As we enter into what seems like the Great Depression Part II, we are offered an opportunity to expand and create compassion for one another. Shortages of one thing or another may drive people back to helping each other. It may resurrect the heart of humanity rebuilding kinship with your neighbors, friends and family. The Crossroads offers us the choice, to be human or dogs. Cast your lot, and choose your road.

Optimism or despair?







Drugs in your water supply: Continue guarding your gate!


This really shouldn’t  be news, but unfortunately we take our food and water safety for granted, remember the 143 million pounds of beef recalled?  A news release today demonstrated the amount of pharmaceutical drugs found in 50 major cities water supply, in the U.S. today.  Philadelphia was found to have of over 56 different pharmaceuticals in their water supply, including Prednisone a corticosteroid this is a powerful hormone usually asthmatics take this drug, but has been used for many more and varied cases.  Carbamazepine, this is a drug used by epileptics to prevent seizures.  Though the news release attempts to allay fears by saying these drugs are measured in parts per billion or parts per trillion there has to be something of concern.  I mentioned Philadelphia specifically because there are over 56 drugs found in the water supply, and though the scientist that were quoted in the paper tried to downplay any affect, there just has to be.  Philadelphia had one of the highest murder rates of any city per capita than any other U.S. city and they are leading the way again this year.  Could we draw a correlation to the drugs found in the Philadelphia water supply and the increase in murders?  Should we not be concerned about our babies?  We can avoid part of the tainted water by not drinking it, but we still absorb it through our skin when we bathe.  We can guard our gates much easier than we can guard the largest organ of our bodies, our skin.  The ill affects of these drugs on the population could be numerous.  When it comes to the food we eat we may have a bit more control as to what enters our mouths, however water is another issue as we are truly at the mercy of our water supplier.  Things could get even worse as cities are turning over the water supply and regulation to private companies, which means less control by the citizens of their respective cities.