tai chi chuan

Scientist have evaluated humans and explained that some of our senses have been diminished by depending more heavily on another.  For instance, the sense of smell, although functional, has been diminished by our dependence on our sense of sight.  As we place more emphasis on our ability to see things around us, we have come to depend less on our sense of smell.  I was downtown on my daily commute and observed a young woman who was legally blind.  She exited the escalator from the train station with her cane and turned to her left then went down the block to her destination.  I wondered how much more she depended not only on her sense of hearing but, how much more has her sense of smell increased. 

These thoughts enticed me to wonder how our dependence on electronic digital technology diminishes our ability to use the power of our minds.  Our dependence on these electronic devices have surely eroded our ability to memorize things as we may once have.  The media have expose this phenomenon as “digital amnesia”.  But, how much more are we not retaining?  What appears to be worse, is our ability to critically analyze information being directed at us.  Increasingly people are becoming less and less attentive in this digital world.  Another study pronounced humans to have an attention span of less than eight seconds.  Apparently, goldfish have a greater attention span than people.

Of course there are always exceptions to these rules.  Not all people are falling prey to this electronic digital de-evolution of the mind.  There are people who take advantage of today’s electronic digital technology while allowing the mind to continue to flourish.  This group of people continue to exercise mind power but the few that do are being totally over shadowed by the greater majority that do not.  There is, however, a coming divide between those that rely on the ability of their own minds versus those who depend heavily on the technology to guide them.

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