Fukushima, Japan And You.

“And the second angel trumpeted [And the second angel sang in trump]; and as a great hill burning with fire was cast into the sea…and the third part of [the] creatures was dead…”

It’s all to easy to forget something if the news does not continue to bring that thought to the top of your mind.    The nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan is still leaking radiation into the Pacific Ocean.  Comic fun has been poked at what’s happening off the coast of Japan by the posting of fake mutant turtles coming ashore.

However, this is in fact a serious matter that’s being ignored by the news and of course this means the general population is unaware of possible effects the radiation is bringing to the West Coast of the U.S.  There is a natural jet stream of air that flows around the planet.  Have you ever noticed when you’ve purchased an airline ticket that when flying from west to east the times are shorter than flying from east to west?

In fact during World War II, the Japanese army sought to exploit the westerly jet stream by attaching bombs to balloons, launching them into the air and hoping  that the jet stream would eventually carry them to the United States on the wind.  It was their hope that the bombs would explode somewhere in the States without having the expenditure of utilizing their navy and aircraft.  This same westerly jet stream is bringing the radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants to the United States as I write these words.  Be not alarmed as there are ways to protect yourself when you know what’s going on.

When the nuclear bombs exploded over the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima there were many, many horrible deaths that took place immediately and incinerating people into nothing.  But, the long-term effects of the nuclear blasts lasted for decades.  Though thousands of people died of radiation poisoning in the decades to come there were many more that lived without any effects of the radiation.  It was found that those who survived without radiation poisoning were heavy consumers of fermented soy or Miso and these survived with little to no effects.

We can protect ourselves right now by consuming Miso in our diet.  We can add organic seaweed to our diets to protect against the coming radiation (coming because each time it rains radiation falls on us.)  By adding these products to our regimen and avoiding as much produce grown on the west coast and fish from the Pacific Ocean as possible, we can combat the ill effects of radiation and protect our space suits or what most people call our bodies.  There are more fermented soy products other than Miso.  There is Doenjang from Korea, Douchi from China used to make black bean sauce, and Tauco from Indonesia just to name a few.

Be Healthy!


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