Do you stink?  When I began to eat differently, by differently I mean I was primarily  cutting the amount of meat I ate everyday.  As I did this I began to notice something different when it came to body odor and other people.  At this time I was not able to discern my own, but I was beginning to pick up body odor on people that I was not previously aware of.  It was like I was getting some super olfactory  power, and of course as always we seem to notice foul odor before we get a whiff of a nice clean scent.   I found this post by Talia Furhman at Disease Proof very interesting when it comes to body odor and what we eat. 

Body Odor: Do Nutritarians Smell Better?

In the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Isaacson reports that as a vegan, Jobs believed that he smelled better than omnivores and didn’t need to bathe as often as his meat-eating colleagues. With this mindset entrenched in his meat-loathing brain, Steve was reported to rarely shower and to smell as if he hadn’t bathed in weeks (at least during the hippie days of his 20s and into his 30s), which was literally probably the case. Putting Steve’s reluctance to jump in the tub(e?)aside, was Steve onto something? Do people that avoid meat actually smell better than those that consume animal products regularly? Given that Americans spend millions of dollars each year on personal care products, perfumes and deodorants, it’s worth looking into the effects of diet on body odor.  Continue Reading 


4 comments on “DO MEAT EATERS STINK?

  1. Hey Mark, Thanks for coming through. You have a point. I would seem to detect a smell like someone had a bad cold.

  2. Now I am not a Vegan I must say, but I have a friend who is in ‘the life’ and he emits an odor, its almost like mild farm animal. I barely eat meat and I am not defending meat eaters, but i don’t understand the odor that comes from him. He always has to piss too. scares me from living that life

  3. Often people believe that because they are vegan that there is no need for detoxing the body. I don’t know if this is his issue, and he could have become vegan attempting to overcome some malady that actually causes the odor. Either way, it’s imperative to take time off and consume nothing and clear the body of toxins, vegan all the way over to meat and potato eaters.


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