For almost two months I kept having dreams with one reoccurring theme.  Often I would wake during the night, stumble to the bathroom, come back to bed and when I went back to sleep the dream would continue.  Throughout out my life it has not been unusual for me to continue a dream after waking and as a child this used to terrify me.  As I grew, I would continue to have dreams of various kinds. I would experience dreams  that would be as exciting as watching a movie at the theater with a serious plot, to having a dream within a dream.

This time was the first time I had ever experienced a re-occurring theme.  For almost two months I dreamt of snakes.  Now, I wasn’t troubled by the dream, never chased by the snakes nor did I ever feel threatened by the snakes, they were just there never menacing just in the dream doing whatever snakes do naturally.  I first tried to relate the theme to the early movement of snakes in the city this spring.  Since it got warm early this year snakes were on the move early.  We also had more rabbits than usual in our area.  So, I also believed we saw more snakes based on the rabbit population. 

After a while I knew that I needed to study about this.  Anyway, I read about snakes in your dreams and learned much of it was about renewing.  I also learned that snakes in one’s dreams had something to do with health and wellness.  That hit home since I have been on a quest to improve my eating regimen and move very close to a 95% plant-based diet. I hesitated to tell anyone about the dreams,  since most people who are of the Christian way immediately tell you that it was the “enemy” or Satan you’re dreaming about and I didn’t want to hear that.  That belief is far off the mark.  Whenever someone says to me that snakes are the “enemy”, I often responded by asking if that were true, why would God have Moses put a snake on a rod in order to heal the people?  The answer is often a blank stare.  So, I embarked on looking into what I thought was the foundation or basis for the caduceus, the two snakes intertwined upon a staff.  I  was surprised to learn that the caduceus has nothing to do with health and healing whatsoever!


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