Lindsey Williams Is Right On

This blog site is about balance.  One of the goals of Tai Chi Chuan, is balance.  But, since Tai Chi has come westward it has lost a very serious element, or more accurately a vital element is being ignored.  The element of combat.  Tai Chi is a martial art, a war art.  And at this time we are at war.  We may not feel as though we are at war, but war is being made upon us.  It is subtle and vicious at the same time.  The subtlety may be the reason it does not feel like war.  We are engaged in a battle of our senses.

We are living in a time of sensory suppression and for that reason we ignore what is happening around us.  We understand that we are living in a global society, yet we can only see our little fish bowl of a world all the while the ocean of a world is swirling around us.  Back in the fall of 2011 I was listening to one of my favorite blog talk radio programs Center Stage (where is Kheri Hines???) and her guest was Lindsey Williams, a man who claims to reveal information given to him by the “elites”, a term he chooses.  He speaks of the elites as people who can “spend a millions a day and still never go broke…”  On this particular program Mr. Lindsey is invited back to bring an update from the elites.  During the program Mr. Lindsey says plainly that Greece will become so in debt that they will leave the Euro as currency.  And that this was the plan of the elites to take control of the country.   This was October 28th, 2011.

As I listened, intently of course, I really only gave his remark a mental note, but didn’t take it to heart as so many predictions are given about so many things, especially coming to the close of a year.   I thought to myself, “self make a mental note, but move on” of course I did this and continued to listen.  Well this week Greece fell back into recession, and this time the government is announcing the country is considering going into a new currency the new drachma.  Of course I about passed out when I read the article about this.  My mind immediately returned to Mr. Lindsay’s prediction and felt such a heavy feeling of melancholy.  I suppose, I felt so low because he also addresses the state of the U.S. dollar.

“By December 2012 the U.S. dollar will be dead, not gone but dead.”  These were the words of Mr. Lindsey that day.  The dollar will be dead.  We are witnessing the death of the U.S. Federal Reserve note.  Each time you see prices go up is an indication that the dollar is going down.  It is becoming worth less.  You have to spend more of them for the same thing.  You see, I can remember a time when a Snicker candy bar cost a dime.  Yep, a dime.  I went into the store just yesterday and saw the price of this same candy bar was $1.29.  I can remember gasoline costing $.35 cents per gallon.  This was a time when we would go to the gas station and my father would tell the attendant (self-serve didn’t exist at that time) to give some many gallons worth of Good Gulf.  Now, we have pump ourselves and put in so many dollars worth.  As we watch Greece and Spain, we are living in the presence of our own future.

I am still skeptical of predictions, yet I keep a wary eye out, more so since Greece is considering moving to the new drachma.  This will cause the people to lose any value of the currency they hold and debts they may have including the government may double.  And in the event Mr. Lindsey is correct about the dollar dying, we could certainly go the way of Greece and the U.S. could pick up the Amero the new currency  right here in the good ole U. S. of A.  We have to be aware of these things.  We have to do what we can to prepare.  With awareness, we can begin to prepare.  As I stated before this blog is about balance.  We rarely touch on such material subjects here, yet spirit and material must work in conjunction.  Our material world is on the opposing end of the spectrum of our spiritual world.  We are one.  In that condition, we can achieve balance and go into combat spiraling from the center out.  We are at war and war is combat.  Those of us that work Tai Chi Chuan understand that we are not one or the other, but both.


5 comments on “Lindsey Williams Is Right On

  1. SupremeUltimate, thank you for the kind words about Center Stage and my guest Chaplain Lindsey Williams. I agree with you he has been spot on with his predictions so far. As far as where is Kheri Hines? I have been forced to moved to another state due to harassment from the Fort Worth Police Dept. I covered the topic; “Charal RaRa Thomas Shooting: Justified or Homicide” in March and October of 2011. After that I found myself the victim of this department’s constant harassment. They sat outside my home, followed me to and inside of banks, grocery stores, post offices and any other public building that I entered. They talked to my neighbors and basically attempted to ruin my name in that town. I was forced to leave my home and will probably take a huge lost or even face foreclosure due to their harassment. The mayor and the city council did nothing when I notified them of the chief’s actions and his department’s acitons. . I contacted the DOJ, FBI, Texas Rangers and any other agency that should help and none did…I began to fear for my life seeing this chief was bent on revenge for my covering that police shooting. So I was left with NO recourse except to move, which caused me to take a break from the show to relocate and get settled. Kheri Hines

  2. Hey brother! As a follower of Jesus Christ, this makes me think of what He said in Matthew 24 – which is very heavy.

    Then I like what Baba Hru Ankh Ra Semahj says to those who ask, “Why did the great ancient Egyptian civilizations fall?” He said, “There is a law of cycles, what goes up must come down” He also said we should reflect and meditate on that law.


  3. Anna Renee,
    Thanks for coming by. Yes truly all exists in cycles, as such we must prepare before each movement, befor each cycle, meditating/meditation is not sitting still. The appearance may be stillness, yet there is much movement in process.

    As for Matthew 24 I will let KRS One tell us. “Rightoues man get liberation, Wicked man get execution…”


  4. Kheri Hines, Thank you so much for stopping by and posting this information. I do really miss your program which I believe was the most cutting edge program on BlogTalk.

    I did in fact remember listening to the program on Mr. Thomas’ murder but never once thought this would have happened to you, yet I am not surprised. I think, if I may, with your permission
    would love to post your comment on my other sight that deals with these matters. This is a travesty and I have posted many times at my alter ego blog about how the U.S. has allowed the police to become more and more out of hand. Gestapo-esque. I hate that this is occuring Please, feel free to stop by and let me know your opinion. Additionally, feel free to contact me at

    Thank you once again for coming by and updating. Your program is most important and we need to let the world know how you, doing your job have become the victim, of this current COINTELPRO.

  5. Amenta,
    Feel free to post my comment on your other sites as well. Maybe if people like me let the world know what is going on, maybe, just maybe, one day change will come.

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