Facebook Religion

Facebook is really a good tool to stay in contact with your family, former college and high school classmates and friends.  It’s cool for me since I live so far from home I can vicariously be where my family and friends are on certain occasions.  I also love Facebook for the information I can glean from people I have as “friends” that I actually may have never or had any physical interaction with.  I may have never laid my eyes on some of these “friends” in my life, but we share certain interests and often share information surrounding those common interests.  What I have noticed however, more and more, is the growing Facebook Religion.

Religion is a “tie that binds.”  On a certain level of thought I fully understand the idea behind a religion.  It represents a way in which people can travel to different places and connect with others that they have no other connection with, but through religion.  A Christian can travel to anywhere in the world and should be able to connect with others of like religion to worship and commune together.  The same I would believe would be true for practitioners of Islam and Judaism.  Yet, on another level the word religio also means to tie, as to restrain.  Often I hear my Christian friends and family say something to the effect of “I would cuss you out if I weren’t a Christian.”  Or “I sure would try to date that chick if I wasn’t married and a Christian.”  Religion is a “Tie that binds”, surely.

“God is in control.”  “The Holy Spirit has control of the television right now.”  I read these posts on Facebook and think to myself, “really???”  Facebook has become a station where those that maintain the title Christian can express Christianesque things that are accepted as valid Christianity.  Most of my family and close friends subscribe to this type of Christianity and often post the above on Facebook.  For me this is a type of religion, a religion  I call Facebook religion.  There are many, many followers of this version of religion.  Their comments often range from hallelujah, to almost typing out a form of “unknown” tongue in response.   Yet, how many of them would actually be willing to attempt to put into action the verses and Christianesque sayings they write?

Christians claim to be “Christ like.”  I suppose then “Christ like” is a version of Christ  conjured up in order not to attempt DOING anything Christ actually DID, other than praying.  A version of something, at the least, is a translation.  It’s also a turning and even hints at destruction.  Destruction would make sense if you don’t care to do the works of the original, so a new creation, a version of Christ is maintained and in turn this destroys the original.

This weekend I spent time with a cousin that lives near me, who happens to be from my hometown and of course we both have the same family as friends on Facebook.  The subject of Facebook came up and I had to let him know how I live and why I don’t respond to all the Christianesque chatter.  Christianesque chatter is just that, chatter.  I explained to my cousin that I cannot chime in on the chatter posted on Facebook by many of our family and friends since most of them are just talking and only willing to remain on a “Christ like” level of understanding.  They want to talk Christ, but actually attempting to do Christ doesn’t appear to be part of their religious plan.  I explained my position as one of learning.  Learning to put these lessons given into action.  I told him we need to begin to act out these words rather than just talk/write them.  Jesus went into the desert fasting, no eating, for 40 days and was confronted by “Satan” on the 40th day.  I asked him how many of those of the Facebook religious order would be willing to fast for ONLY three days without eating to actually DO as Christ DID.  His response….Blank stare!


2 comments on “Facebook Religion

  1. Preach, preacha!
    Jesus warned of these types, who really dont know him.

    “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Matt 15:8
    New Living Translation

  2. For sure Anna Renee, So many of my people love to speak Christ it sounds good. But, having to do Christ opens another door they don’t seem to want to enter.


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