Tilapia…A Mystery Fish That’s Worse For You Than Bacon!

Tilapia has, over the last decade, become a popular meal time food source.  It’s everywhere.  On the menu of most local dives, and you make a healthy choice by selecting the grilled Tilapia instead of having the burger.  Or, so you think.  Tilapia is a very old fish.  Mentioned in Ancient Egyptian texts more than forty-five hundred years ago, cultured in ancient China as far back as three thousand years ago, and also known as St. Peter’s Fish based on the story of St. Peter catching a fish with a gold coin in its mouth.  Tilapia are indigenous to Africa and the (so-called) Middle East.  The Nile Tilapia and the Mozambique Tilapia are the original indigenous fish.  However, Tilapia raised and sold in the U.S. are classified as Nile Tilapia, but in fact are not Nile Tilapia, but something else.

Blue Tilapia

Between 1973 and 1986 the “Nile” Tilapia was being “reared” in fish hatcheries in Arizona and by 1986 a single Tilapia fish was found in the Saugahatchee Creek portion of the Yates Reservoir, in the Tallapoosa drainage of Mobile Basin in Lee County, Alabama turns up on January 12th, 1986.  This fish was introduced “experimentally” into the wild in the southern part of Arizona.  This doesn’t explain how the fish ends up in Alabama and are now a large part of aquatic life in the southeast United States.  This is not a true Nile Tilapia, and actually cannot be identified.  It is a strange fish that hit U.S. market, selling at a very low price.  This fish is being sold as low as $1.49 per pound at a time when people are being told that eating of fish will improve their health.  But is this true concerning Tilapia?

Tilapia are herbivorous.  They eat primarily the vegetation in lakes, rivers, and creeks and have been used in some water treatment plants.  Most Tilapia sold in the U.S. are farm raised, though I have seen wild Tilapia sold, that is a rarity.  Farm raised Tilapia has been found to be more detrimental for heart health than eating bacon or a hamburger.  Wake Forest University Researchers have published in the Journal of  American Dietetic Association that “Tilapia have higher levels of potentially detrimental, long-chain, omega-6 fatty acids than 80-percent-lean hamburger, doughnuts and even pork bacon.”  And yet, Tilapia is the number five biggest selling fish in the United States, projecting the selling of 2.5 million tons last year.   Beware, other transgenic fish are in your market including Trout, Salmon and Carp.  For my continental West African people and Memphis, TN fam who love Buffalo Fish, hate to tell you that Buffalo fish is in the Carp family.


18 comments on “Tilapia…A Mystery Fish That’s Worse For You Than Bacon!

  1. Thanks for that info, I had no idea good looking out. Its amazing sometimes when you think you are doing the right thing, as far as eating something that is supposed to be good for you, come to find out its tampered with in some form or fashion, thats why I suggest that people try to detox their bodies on a regular, this will help to filer out some of the bad food we have no control over.

  2. Agreed on the detox Bella. Also, it doesn’t hurt to b e a lil suspicious and do a lil investigation about what we eat. We may be able ot avoid many health problems by doing these tow things.


  3. Thanks donchale for the link. Bottom line we should limit the amount of dead animal flesh we consume, period. People should feel free to eat as they choose, but at least understand what it is they are consuming.

  4. Buffalo fish are in the sucker family not related to carp at all, wonder how much more of this article is wrong

  5. Absolutely no truth to this at all.I raise Tilapia and meat rabbits because both are so healthy for you.People who eat Tilapia do understand what they are eating one article from a person with no legitimate experience or knowledge of a species doesnt change the 4,500 years of physical hands on experience breeding and consuming this fish.”dead animal flesh” is necessary for a human diet whether silly hippies like it or not.We all need dead animal flesh and dead plant flesh to make our body run the way it is supposed to(yes you can survive without meat but not very healthy), a diesel motor will run solely on used motor oil but,at the cost of power and gas mileage(its possible but not very efficient or good for the motor which now has to work harder to produce the same strength and use more food doing it which shortens lifespan just like the human body).I am a licensed dietition and I farm Tilapia.The picture posted here is not a blue Tilapia as the author so knowledgeably states.It is a Mosambicus Tilapia or White Nile species much different from the Black Nile.Blue Tilapia are in fact an entirely blue fish as the name suggests.Red Tilapia is surprisingly a red species,orange is well,orange etc…..Theyre named after their colors just like other species in the world.Every Tilapia is a “Nile” Tilapia because thats the only known origin of this fish.There are many types of Tilapia fresh and saltwater,the farmed Tilapia thats so healthy for humans and has been for 4,500 years is the Nile which comes in a variety of colors.Ancient Egyptians knew unexplainable things like the constellation they worshipped and called the portal to the other world where their mother lived,Turns out it is a real constellation and contains a black hole which may be a protal to another world but we believed this was fairy tale until someone found this constellation in the 80’s right where the Egyptians always said it was….It took us thousands of years to even come up with a name for the Algebra they used for centuries and we still today with all our machines and university research only have a childlike understanding of the solar system they mapped and understood and even claim to have travelled thousands of years ago.I wont even get onto the topic of fermentation I could go for days as a brewer on the art of fermentation and health benefits the Egyptians gifted to the world when they created beer.Long story short,propaganda is what we call this in the free world,no truth,no history,just speculation based on a speculation presented in a believable fashion.

  6. Buffalo are not in the carp family, they are in the sucker family Catostomidae. Carp are in the minnow family Cyprinidae.

  7. Absolutely not truth to this article ! Jeff Laliberte Chasco Fish Co. Port Richey Fla !

  8. I beg to differ. Tests by the University of North Carolina have shown Tilapia to be as harmful as bacon to the human body. This type information is probably hurting your business. Its a fact that the Tilapia in U.S. waters are not genetically connected to the original fish found in Mozambique Africa and in those of the Oriental variety.

  9. The fatty acid profile is a result of what the animal feeds on not the animal its self. As an example, beef raised on pasture and not fed a diet high in cattle feed has a fatty acid profile very close to that of fish. The problem with farm raised Tilapia is the feed that is high in corn, which has a great deal of Omega 6 fatty acids in it. The different colored tilapias are actually a hybrid tilapia fish. However all of the Tilapia that is raised in farms are actually Tilapia, but they are almost all hybrid varieties.

  10. Thank you Mike. This is really the point. I never said Tilapia was an invented species, but mentioned that the original fish exits in Africa and the Middle East. What has occurred in the U.S. is disturbing in the sense that continued manipulation of the food chain is evidenced on a level by looking at the Tilapia being farmed and sold in the U.S. We are not awake and aware of what we are eating. We are sold the idea of farm raised as being better for you than wild caught (I am sure the corporations play and pay for this wording much as they pay and play with the word organic) when we should be leaning more to wild caught versus farm raised.

  11. Thanks to all the history and geography buffs. I value most of the information I read from you here and there. I am interested to know where I can find wild caught Tilapia and who sells it in America?

  12. @Bee – one can find wild caught Tilapia at Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market, Dekalb County, GA. They sell it from time to time.

  13. Contact The University of Florida and ask them about the test results from our’ fish fed solely on an “Organic Diet” – Jeff Laliberte Chasco Fish Co and Aquaponics- Port Richey , Florida.

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