Jesus’ first Miracle and the Original Wombman

According to the bible, Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine. This was, as what some say, Jesus’ wedding. Whether this was Jesus’ wedding or not it is curious that Mary, Jesus’ mother, Mother of God, is concerned with the amount of wine left for wedding. That being said, It is upon the word sound of Mary, his mother that Immanu-El meaning God with us, changed water to wine.
It’s long been understood that the primary physical manifestation of “thee” deity, creator of life, was seen as the feminine of the species for thousands of years on Earth. The impetus for the first miracle in Immanu-El’s (Jesus’) service to his people came at the urging of his Mother. In my own mind, I can imagine the early years of Immanu-El’s (Jesus’) life his mother was the one teaching him how use the “God” given talents he was blessed with. A mother knows her child, his personality, and understood his gifts as Mary herself was born of immaculate conception and may have descended from a long line of “favored” women.

On Mary’s persistence, to use the power’s she had honed in her son, Immanu-El changed the water to wine on the word of the feminine principle. Its plain to see the foundation for Immanu-El’s power lands squarely on the magical wisdom of a wombman.




8 comments on “Jesus’ first Miracle and the Original Wombman

  1. Yes true. And yet, others teach that it also means God in the midst of us. I take this as the God dwelling within in us. At any rate, thanks for coming by.

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