Death Is Just Another Side Of Life.

The Angel of Death by Evelyn De Morgan

How many of us think about death? What comes to mind? I bet the picture that comes to most minds are the death of a loved one or maybe even our own demise. But, have you ever thought of death when winter comes and the skies turn gloomy and the trees turn brown? Or, maybe when the sun sits low in the southern hemisphere during the “cold” months, before it begins it’s journey back to the north? “Death“, my father used to say, “is another side of life“. And I’ve come to realize he was saying a lot in those few words. In the world of Tarot the Death card symbolizes change. I think now, that’s exactly what my old man was saying.

Recently, I’ve been mourning the death of relationships in my life. I never really thought about relationships ending to be a kind of death, until a friendship I had, “changed.” This person was, as some of we Southern Californians say, “the homie.” Or, as the text world puts it today a BFF…lol. But, I’ve come to realize the final “F” in the text means for the life of the friendship not necessarily until we take our last breath.

Even more recently, I’ve come to deal with the fact that family relationships “change” like friendships. Even though one is your brother or sister, there seems to be some growth apart. That loving friendship you once had with a sibling or relative that you grew up with and may have even lived in the same house while growing up, come to an end like friendships.

Most sad of all, are the relationships that end for no apparent reason. They just seem to go away, to change. I guess we just grow apart. It’s not a good feeling to know that this change will no longer bring the comedic calls from a brother or sister at any hour of the night or day. No longer do one’s brother or long time friends rejoice when you return home after being away for a long period of time. Yes, death is another side of life. Simply life “changes.”


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