Real or Unreal…Is it really petty?

Photo by  –  Yemaya

“Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. ”

Yeshua-Matthew 5:23-24 

While surfing the blogshere I came across this site.  The post was interesting however,  one sided.  It brought to mind the above passage spoken by Yeshua to his disciples, and how to “get right with God” as some prefer to call what Yeshua meant by presenting one’s gift at the altar.   I fully understand everyone is not a Christian, including myself, but there are universal truths that coalesce along all faiths and religions of which we can gain wisdom and understanding.   As I read the post I couldn’t help but see that the writer was intent upon defending her friend “Candy” rather than looking at the big picture. 

Clearly, their mutual friend, “Lollipop” had hurt feelings and often hurt feelings can  explode into a shouting match.  And, surely if these ladies “Candy” and “Lollipop” are friends as Arielle says, then it seems to me “Candy” would have forewarned “Lollipop” of her intentions not to include her in the activity because “Candy”  “had not figured out how to include her”.   Even if “Candy” hurt “Lollipop’s”  feelings when telling her she would not participate in this particular activity,   she would have known her position.

If “Candy” ,”Lollipop” and Arielle were to observe the above passage, observe their minds and the actions that led up to the yelling, the actions during the yelling and the ending results they may come to a different conclusion about what is petty and what is not.  It could be that what appears to be petty on the surface may be hiding a deeper sense of pain that had little to do with “Lollipop’s” non inclusion in the activity, but more of a sense of a loss of being included as a real and true friend.

All too often in the defense of ourselves, friends or family we will see only the things that matter for our or their defense and not the full picture.  From the passage above, Yeshua is seemingly showing that it’s just as or more important to maintain and retain a relationship with our friends as a first rung of a step to attaining and maintaining a relationship with the Great Spirit.  Without this there can be no real relationship with The Most High.  I would say to “Candy”, “Lollipop” and Arielle examine what your relationships really are.  If they are not true and real, then sever what you have or rearrange what you may have to fit how you really feel about each other and act accordingly.  Then come back and present your gift  to your God.


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