New Technology vs Old Techonolgy

My daughters and their friends were having a conversation that began when daughter KD said “I hate Dreamweaver!!!” Daughter M responded with “huh?” Friend L said “didn’t Chris Rock just make a movie about that???” But, KD sharply retorted “I’m working on my website silly.” Friend R then said, “yeah KD, I know what you’re talking about because we are masters of technology.” Humph, I thought. Technology is certainly the order of the day, but, technology as we understand it seems to be restricted to machines, their programs and their functions.

Machines created by human beings have now somehow become revered or at least believed, on a certain level to be more remarkable or powerful than its human creators. How have we come to this? The creation is greater than the creator? Our creations are merely extensions of our own minds and bodies. When I was studying the external forms for Kung fu, my teacher taught us, during weapons training, that the weapon should be viewed as an extension of our own appendage. So, if you were working with a dagger, sword, saber or a staff it was taught that the weapon is basically assimilated to us, not us to the weapon. Today, we are allowing ourselves to be assimilated by the creation.

Our masters of technology, master the inner workings of the creation but, rarely give thought to the notion that the body, the human body, is a creation to be mastered or brought into a type of stasis where the mind and body function at their highest peak together. Not, just the ability master certain athletic achievements like running a marathon or hitting a homerun. But, the ability to maintain a certain level of mindfulness, suppleness, and non rigidity in movement along with breath and meditation. This is a kind of mental/physical technology that is indeed being widely overlooked.

I would certainly love to hear a conversation about the ability to master ones breath or mind to hold meditation during tempestuous times. I would love to hear the masters of technology discussing the benefits of softness and flexibility in the body and how they have learned to become soft and flexible of mind and able overcome physical obstacles from the flexibility of their minds. Yes KD and R are masters of technology but, of only half of what technology really is.


4 comments on “New Technology vs Old Techonolgy

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  2. Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is certainly a book to read; it’s an incredibly brilliant thesis on this very topic. The cover features a wrench growing out of the leaves of a flower… The essence being that the Buddha is found in both nature and the machine, as indeed it is all one if we get just a little perspective.

  3. Peace JDub, I will certainly check that book out. I remember it was a very popular book several years ago, I mean like a decade or more.

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