What is the Supreme Ultimate?

This s a question that’s ages old, as old as the oldest human fossil on Earth.  I suppose then, The Supreme Ultimate is ageless.  Without age or time.  The Great Ridgepole.  Indeterminate, as described by Chou Tun-i.  Maybe working so hard to describe the indescribable could be in itself a futile act.  There are somethings that cannot be described, cannot be bound to a word or words.  Somethings have to be experienced, felt from within.  I have read many thesis’ that attempt to explain the Supreme Ultimate.  I love reading them, they seem to touch on the truths we all understand from our own experiences, mostly while playing Tai Chi.  But, as I read these explainations I know there is so much more that cannot be put into words.  Maybe the Supreme Ultimate is never to be fully explained in words?   How can one explain what is in itself inexplicable, but at the same time potentially explains all?


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