Words are power!

There is a time and place to introduce new terms to those that may not be familiar with words that could be considered “unknown” terms. Not necessarily unknown as an English language dictionary would define, but unknown as far as everyday usage. Daily, people don’t really think about what they are saying. For instance, how often do people really think about the word careful? Do we really know we are saying full of care? Mindful is to be full of mind. How often have we said someone looks familiar and not realize we are saying someone looks like family, or of the same household. (The word family has only began to mean someone of the same genetic material in the last four to five centuries, and not anyone who was raised with you in the same household regardless of blood line.)
Words are power. The redefining of words for the positive effect and outcome can reshape how you think about things. How you interpret things being said to you by others that may have, or have bad intentions when using certain terminologies. Redefining words and terms for a manipulative purpose and for a personal material outcome can and will profit those purporting them, but its up to the reader/listener to create a shield against these powers, by fortifying their own vocabularies and not just sitting on “known” terms.

While listening to a local radio program a few years ago, Dr. Jewell Pookrum was on speaking about men and women’s health and a call came in with a complaint on his lips. He began by saying that she was speaking over his head. That, she began where he could understand her but, the more she talked she began to use words he didn’t understand. She responded by explaining that it was her duty to meet him on a road where he stood, then take him to a higher level. We have to begin to rethink what we are saying to ourselves and to one another, and begin to use words of power to reshape our worlds.




3 comments on “Words are power!

  1. So very true. If words are a conveyance of our thoughts and with our thoughts we make the world, we must realize the power of what we say. With a word, many traditions teach, the whole world was created. If that’s the case, we must be disciplined with how we use our words. We have to know when and how to use them. We have to realize that our words really do create and destroy–not in some esoteric kind of way, but in real ways. We must be “full of mind” of the words we say, how we say them and in what context. As a teacher of children you learn that children mainly learn new words and pick up new language because of the context the words are used in. In fact, you encourage them to figure out meaning by using context clues, i.e. other words. This is powerful.

    Personally, I love words. I love how you can convey a complex thought with just one word. I love how words sound. Love how words can make you feel. I’m a huge bibliophile . . . words mean the world to me. I’m often surprised by how little respect people often have for them.

    Excellent post and good food for thought.

  2. Chi-Chi, you are exactly right. We are the makers of our destiny by how we think. What we think is manifest in words or what we say and those words will lead to deeds. I have noticed some bloggers will write Ensayn/Victor when commenting and referring to me. I think they ascertain the sound common with insane, not understaning that I am conveying that, its En what we are Say(i)n(g) that makes our day and paves our way. I, like you, love words, and the sound of them even in more than one language, but thats a nother chapter in another book….lol

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