On Living and Living?

Bahia Bakari, 14, lies on stretcher next to her father, Kassim Bakari inside plane, after arriving at Bourget airport, near Paris on July 2, 2009.

“Papa, we saw the plane going down in the water. I was, in the water, I could hear people talking, but I couldn’t see anyone. I was in the dark, I couldn’t see a thing.”  Bahia Bakari told her father Kasim Bakari while lying in a hospital bed describing the recent crash and her survival of the Yemenia Air flight that went down in the Indian Ocean.

We recently witnessed the death of Michael Jackson at age 50, a sudden death that took the world by surprise.  Friends and I have discussed his sudden demise and during these conversations the idea of  those that have died are dead and not conscious of anything.  A view held by many that espouse certain religious faiths.  I don’t happen to believe those that have died are incapable of discerning what is happening in the world they physically departed.  Our world is built on the material and the non material, the spiritual if you will.

The thought that we are born, live and then die to nothingness can give those of ill will a license to do all manner of wickedness and can look forward to no possibility of after physical death repercussions.  Could it be that we are to live and “sleep with our fathers” as the bible states it?  I have often wondered how profound this could be since the very same bible speaks of King Saul having the Witch of Endor  call forth (conjur) the prophet Samuel, who is able to hold a conversation with Saul.  The Ancient Egyptians apparently believed in, and studied life after physical death.  Even, advising the proper words to speak to maintain your consciousness after entering the nother (nether) world.  Should we have such great confidence in their ability to build the most precise and everlasting buildings, learning systems, mathematics, geometry, poetry, philosophy, magick and civilization, but find their concept of life after death a fable?

You will have to decide for yourself what you really feel and think about such.  Yemenia Air flight 310 had 153 souls on board as it left Yemen, the last leg of a trip from Paris for Coromos islands in the Mozambique Channel north of Madagascar.  All parished but little 14 year old Bahia Bakari, who could not swim, but hung onto a piece of debris for 13 hours being comforted by voices in the water with her.  If all 152 perished in the crash, who were the voices she heard in the dark?


2 comments on “On Living and Living?

  1. serious come to think of it,if all 152 perished who were those voices.when God is with us sometimes we dont notice but i think those voices were for the angels.

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