The Masters have killed Sophia; The death of Wisdom

File:Ikona SofiyaPremBozhiyaGRM.jpg

Sophia the Holy Wisdom


Recently I have been ruminating on the mind. I read a couple of post at Tai Chi Heartwork on the mind and I found them very interesting and something to be considered if one is a practitioner of Tai Chi or Yoga. Most often, those of us that do practice these forms will bring the mind of our disciplines into everyday situations when dealing with the general public or even in our work environments.


Simply, the population seems to have come to a stop in learning
 While concentrating on mind, I’ve noticed that there seems to be no growth in mind, in mind concepts and in mind precepts in our general population. In other words it seems people are “set in their ways”, not looking to grow mentally anymore, as if they have reached their peak and seem to believe that they know all they need to know.I’ve recently had several conversations with people close to me and we all expressed the current level of mental expansion going on around us and we all agreed that there seems to be some sort of mind stagnation. Simply, the population seems to have come to a stop in learning. Has stopped expanding the mind.

Expanding the mind as I have come to experience, is not just learning or gaining new information, but examining that new information. Taking the time to, dissect and reassemble that information to gain a full understanding about what’s being conveyed, or to raise questions about the new information to verify its validity. 

People have come to believe they are masters
I am wondering what has happened? How have we allowed ourselves to become so repulsed by the extension of knowledge and wisdom. I no longer have the desire to put myself into social situations where I have to, essence, dumb myself down to participate in that social setting. I find it utterly amazing to speak to people and find they haven’t the foggiest idea about simple things in life around them.

It seems people have come to believe they are masters, and no longer students. When I have questioned people about their beliefs on various topics they will give the apparently false response that they don’t have all the answers. I call it false because they’re not in search of any additional information on the topic, they just stay right where they are in whatever knowledge they have. Without searching out further information and stagnating where you are, exhibit’s the actions of one that is now master. But, this exposes the false concept of a master.

The more you know, the more you don’t know
A master is an unrelenting student that knows and understands the more one seeks to master their craft, knowledge, wisdom, form, or style, an unending ocean spreads before them ever widening and deepening. Aristotle ventured to say “the more you know, the more you don’t know.” When you look at that statement you find that Aristotle was well aware that there is a vast ocean of knowledge to be navigated, waters that are chartered and uncharted





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