Woman is just a vessel! Happy Mother’s Day.

A beautiful Image of Isis in all Her glory

Just a vessel, that’s what women are.  Just a vessel.  This is what I was taught when it came to women and their role in society as set forth by some archaic value system intimated by the Bible.    I was taught that woman is a “help meet” for man nothing more.    But, how could she be “just a vessel?”   Not  really someone to be appreciated other than the value of being “just a  vessel”  even if the value of both, a vessel and a “help meet” were met?  Logically, this didn’t set well with me, but what was I, a child, looking up to the men and women that reinforced this belief within my child mind to do?  I could not question their biblical interpretive authority.   

When I look at my mother, seeing how she held this belief inside, yet knowing that some how this couldn’t be true continued each day to birth something new into the lives of us  children.  That she, who changed diapers, washed clothes, created delicacies from ordinary victuals and soothed the pains that the world heaped on her, her children and her husband, was viewed as” just a vessel'”, knew in her heart that this just couldn’t be right.  Yet, she never questioned this mindset.  So, now I’ve questioned for her and concluded that this vessel must be a holder of much much more and not just an empty container, “just a vessel.”  I have to wonder if the purveyors of this point of view really could convince us that a “just a vessel” was without content, without bounty within the  vessel.  I wonder how a “help meet” could be of much help being empty.  Wouldn’t she, the vessel, have to have a plethora of tools including hope, love, joy, science, mathematics and agricultural skills to be a “help meet” worthy of helping?  Just a vessel. 

Just a vessel.  An empty vessel?  Surely not.  But what else could this “just a vessel” possibly contain? We know she had to have excellent culinary skills, and psychic wisdom enough to ascertain the secret of fire to take her culinary skills to the next level.  But, what else?  I was listening to the Warren Ballentine show (just one of many radio programs I listen to throughout my day being the radio talk show junky I am) the other day and he repeated a long held belief.  He said  ‘…without women, this world would be nothing.’  Nothing.  I wondered if he realized, as I did, that he was saying that without women this world would be NO THING?  In essence this world would not exist.  It would be not a thing, it wouldn’t be. 

“Just a vessel” conceived us, held and carried us, maintained us and delivered us to this place they (the vessels) conceived and brought to fruition the place we call the world.  Without woman or more specifically the wombed man, wombman, woman, there would be no world.  “Just a vessel” really should be taught and reinforced as THE vessel.  The carrier of life.  The dreams of generations yet unborn will be physically carried by THE vessel and birthed by THE vessel.  The bringer of life.  Our vessel, Mother.  My mother, my throne. My mother my Heaven. My mother my life. 

I don’t want those that are without child to believe that she is not Mother.  Mother is a Divine essence beyond child birth.




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