Beautiful Springtime!

Yes its that time again, beautiful springtime.  Ok, at least here in the Southeast spring has sprung.  Each and every year I look forward to planting my garden, but more than ever it will be most important to grow food for the family.  Unfortunately, the “bigger heads” are predicting a 5 percent increase in food costs here in the U.S.  This year for me the focus will be on such staples as tomatos, corn, beans, broccoli, lettuce and of course chiles of many types.  I am a chile pepper fan no doubt and will have scotch bonnets, jalapenos, bell pepper, cayenne, banana peppers and poblano.  Last but not least, are my herbs.  Yes, legal herb of course.  I will keep my rosemary growing, thyme, mint, mexican oregano, italian oregano, chives mint and much more.


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