Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing






Suns of Light (formerly The Boys)-Mama Africa {Before they sold it to Akon}


2 comments on “Georgia Sunday Afternoon SupremeUltimate Boxing

  1. Give thanks for this Ensayn–all favorite artists of mine! I was wondering how it came to be that Akon, who wrote such classics as “Smack That” could pen such a beautiful song as Mama Africa! I’m not surprised that, in actuality, he didn’t. I *love* the song as sung by the Suns of Light. It is really ilahful. I would much rather have that on my Ipod than Akon’s version . . . the spirit is just so much more vibrant.

  2. Thanks Chi-Chi for coming by. Yes the Suns of Light are the original artist and you may be able to get the original off Amazon, the title of the CD is Millineum Music. Excellent CD I might add.

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