My First Blog Award:Friendship Award.


I am absolutely shocked and surprised by this honor that Vee of Holily Wholesome Living has bestowed upon my site and myself.  I am honored, thank you!  According to the rules I am to nominate eight other bloggers.

First up I would like to share with Khadija of Muslim Bushido.  I love the title of her blog so much, let alone the ensightful truths this Wisdom brings.  Nu Vision For a Nu Day, by Angie, she gives you sight to somewhere that you may have never been before. Linda’s Yoga Journal has intrigued me from the first time I landed there and I keep coming back.  I have learned a lot about being a student of one our ancient art forms on Linda’s blog.  This has got to be the “realist” Teacher on the blogsphere, Big brother All Mi-T AKA RawdawgBuffalo.  He lets us know what is really going on with our economy and much much more.  Black To Nature by C’Bs Alife Allah brings us right back to nature with serious uplift concerning what and how we eat.  Knowledge without Wisdom is impotent.  Alisha of Just Lisa is what school systems around the nation need ten fold, plus!  I am honored to also share this award with Chi-Chi of Where There’s a Will There’s a Way the Original Wombman and my “sister” Rev. Lisa of Black Women Blow the Trumpet.


10 comments on “My First Blog Award:Friendship Award.

  1. Ensayn,

    I’m glad you stopped by to get the award. I find your blog very uplifting as well as informative. I’ll be sure to check out the other blogs that you have mentioned.

  2. Thank you Ensayn!!! I’m deeply honored. You are so kind to mention me in this post. It made me smile.
    I pray that you will have a fabulous week. I’ll be back over here to visit you.
    Blessings and light,

  3. The honor is all mines, thank you so much for coming by. I wish I could have mentioned more bloggers including Hagar’s Daughter a wonderful site.

  4. thank you very much! thank you for reading my blog….peace to you! I think you need to upload your picture tho, because I see is the word “friendshipaward.jpg” not the actual picture.


  5. WOW! What a pleasant surprise! This inspires me to blog more often 🙂 I will work on nominating 8 people this week!!! Just took my final exam in Statistics. . . and decided to read blogs rather than do drugs tonight!!! 🙂 (jk)

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