Jdimytai Damour Killed by the New Spirit of Christmas

One shopper, that wasn’t present at the time of Mr. Damour’s demise, referred to the would be shoppers at Walmart in Long Island, NY as savages.  My first reaction to hearing about the death of Jdimytai Damour, was overwhelming sadness.  I wondered right then and there what kind of Christmas would his family be celebrating?  I knew that in reality there would be no celebrations, no cries of joy upon receiving the gift they have always wanted, no laughter and Christmas cheer as it may have been in previous years.  No, his family will be coming to grips on how to make sense of his tragic death.  And, how they will somehow have to turn this tragedy into a “home going celebration” for their son, grandson, husband, father, uncle, brother.  They will be trying to explain to themselves how this could all be happening to them, how this could have happened to him, how people could be so cold.  All in a rush to get a good deal on a piece of plastic they will be replacing within the next 3-5 years.  No way to replace Jdimytai Damour.  No way to replace the empty space in the hearts of his family members, no way.

So, now we witness the New Spirit of Christmas.  Nothing matters other than getting that deal on a present for Christmas.  No remembering the “reason for the season”, if it was ever really known by the people that know within themselves that they stepped on this man.  Or, are we hearkening back to the days when the slaves in Rome would be allowed to become the masters for the day and a person would be savagely killed on Christmas Day.  No, we have entered into something very complex, a mind state that sees only the importance of what it wants, no matter the cost.  I just wonder if this is what Charles Dickens was thinking of when he imaged the ghost of Christmas Yet To Come as the Grim Reaper?


6 comments on “Jdimytai Damour Killed by the New Spirit of Christmas

  1. Not only was the way this man was killed such a tragedy and a sad commentary on who we in the US have become and what we value, but the response of some of the people just left me speechless.

    They responded by saying how long they had been waiting on line. Now I’m reading that the attitudes of some were that it was all about the televisions. Come on! It’s all junk anyway.

  2. When I heard this news first, my mind kept thinking of Rwanda. I’ve watched two movies on the genocide there so the images and stories are pretty indelibly etched into my brain. When watching these films I just marveled at how supposedly normal, upstanding people become transformed when they are part of a mob. The violence that ensues. The sheer insanity. All it takes is a spark and a whole movement of madness ensues. We might want to categorize and rate the sparks in terms of wickedness, hate supposedly being the most wicked spark and greediness/super-consumerism being less wicked on the scale. But then we see that both can lead a mob to very similar outcomes, namely death and murder. I can’t believe I’m actually grateful that more people didn’t lose their lives. It’s vile.

    I too wonder if this is why Dickens imagined the ghost of Christmas to come as the Grim Reaper. Did he know something then that we are just finding out now?

  3. Chi-Chi, thanks for stopping by, Its funny how when we all first saw or read A Christmas Carol we thought the Grim Reaper character was odd, then in the context of the story it was clear that Scrooge was seeing life after his death. Still all in all it appears he was aware of something much greater than what was written in the story….

  4. Vee thanks for coming over and visiting my site, I agree its all junk but as we can see the minds of the people are really warped. As long as people stay lost we are in a world of trouble on so many levels.

  5. @Chi Chi,

    Psychologists know that there is a “mob mentality” that is very different than the rationale individuals make on their own. It is a example of the whole being different than individual parts.

    My Big Mama would say that it’s the work of the evil one.

    My prayers to Mr. Damour’s family.

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