When God appears


In “western” religions we’re educated to look for a Savior or a Mahdi to come and avenge the righteous and put the wicked asunder.  I’m sure a long debate could come forward from the idea of people waiting for a Mahdi or Savior or which religious tenet is correct.  Suppose, however, that neither is correct or even that both are correct and suppose the Savior and Mahdi are one and the same and their appearance was upon you.  How would you react?  Suppose that all the information you’ve learned all your life doesn’t prepare you for what you see.

I have often envisioned the Returning One would be someone much different than what we have learned.  I have imagined that the Returning One would be in the form of a human being that you would consider your enemy.  If you are white it would be Black or non-white, or white if you’re Black.  Maybe Jewish if  you’re Muslim, Shia if you’re Sunni or maybe atheist if you’re a Christian.  Whatever the case, the Returning One maybe much different than we suspect.

More than likely, the Returning One has come, gone and come again right in front of our eyes.  And we were blind to their existance.  Blind because our own prejudice keep us with out sight.  There is going to come a time when all will be revealed through your own consciousness.


8 comments on “When God appears

  1. This is such a timely message for Advent in the Christian Church.

    Many of the world’s religions have such similar stories. I believe God is reconciling the world back to God’s way of harmony. I don’t know what this looks like, but I hope I’m working toward reconciliation.

  2. Vee, I agree we are are in an age of moving back to God’s harmonic way this is not doubt. I wonder how many will really pick up on it.

  3. Great post. So much came to mind as I read it. People of faith – of all traditions (not just religious folks) are in key positions to exhibit the tenets of their spirituality at this time. We are in uncertain times, but our faith and spirituality should be our guiding light.

    It’s an excellent time to model the best that our faith traditions and our spirituality have offered to us and has to offer to the world.

  4. HG you are right once again. Yet, if we have the eyes to see is it so uncertain?
    Or is it that, which must come to pass, coming to pass? When we know things that must be, will be, we are certain about whats going on. But, if we operate in fear are we now operating on what we believe thus uncertainty arises. LOL or at least that’s how it seems to me…. 🙂

  5. hi…
    Mahdi actually is the same as Adi Ma, Maitreya, Holy Ghost which means the primordial Mother….most have been looking out for a male saviour but in fact it is the Divine feminine which has come to redeem us : )

  6. Huihua, I actually agree with you 100,000 percent. This is the reason I chose the pix of Kali to represent the power of the Feminine, the Creatrix. Often it is easier to get a point across using familiar terms that are comfortable for the people. Better to give honey than strong drink.

  7. Huihua, Thanks for coming back. Yes, I am looking deeply. My eyes were opened about 10 years ago to Mama and I have not looked back.

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