Why is the world hungry?

A Haitian boy begs for food. One child dies from hunger every six seconds, an aid agency says.

In the United States there is a crisis of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease.  These ailments aren’t due to a food shortage, but manipulated food stuffs that are killing the body.  The shortages of food did hit the U.S., but it served the purpose of retailers to increase the price of staples such as flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice and beans.  This year has seen countries like Jordan, Haiti, India, Somalia and Egypt erupt into violence because of food shortages, and mothers are having to choose which children will eat on what days and even the most horrific decisions are being made as to which child will live and which will die.

Of course the natural thought is that food is scarce thus, people are starving due to not enough food being grown around the world.  Raj Patel, the author of the book Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System, said “2008 was a record year in terms of harvest, there’s more food per person in 2008 than there’s ever been in history.  The problem is not food, but how we distribute it.”  So, why then are people starving.  I have read that the rise in oil prices made it difficult to transport food around the world, which makes sense, however there seems to be no problem to move the world’s militaries around the globe.  What then is really the problem?

It seems the greed of the few is putting the souls of the many to a test, an unbelievable test of choosing which one of their children will live and which will die.  How can nations send their military ships, and aircraft around the world and not bring needed food to starving countries along the way?  What is really happening?


6 comments on “Why is the world hungry?

  1. Truly thought provoking…

    Here I am eating like a glutton, while others starve. It certainly helps me think about my food intake differently.

  2. Hey Angie, I was trying to avoid the guilt factor to my readers. I left out information I thought would cause a guilt trip. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Excellent post. As a girl, I would as God why so many people are starving and would he please feed them. And then I grew up and found out that there is excess food being stored in silos, farmers being paid not to grow food, waste of all kinds. In my mind, God made this earth and gave us the gift of the earth being able to provide all our needs. God did His/Her/It’s part . . . and we have to do the rest. To ignore our responsibility to each other and to the earth is, simply put, criminal.

  4. Hi Ensayn1,

    This is truly a powerful essay. I think about this more now than ever before. I am practicing what I preach too. I am looking for ways to make a difference.

    This Thanksgiving holiday I cooked less food and wasted nothing. I am donating to a local food bank as well. Just small steps now why I look for ways to make a bigger impact. I have limited how much and how far I drive.

    Thanks for making us aware.

  5. Chi-Chi, thank you for coming by. Its a complete shame. I am an avid reggae music fan. And years ago I heard a dub poem by Mutabaruka and he spoke of man made famines. Of course my young mind couldn’t grasp the idea of a man made famine. I have grown up now and can see the evil that’s produced by man.

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