Are You Blessed?





Living in the Southern United States has opened me up to many new experiences. For instance, the overall atmosphere of life is a lot more peaceful, even though I live in a large metropolitan area, compared to living in one of the large cities in Southern California.  Another experience living in the South is the influence of Christianity and the focus of religion over all.  And in the Atlanta area we also experience a large influence of spirituality from all over the world. 


Christianity is the main religious influence here, imparting on the population a colloquial verbiage that was not common to me when I left California and really has blossomed over the last few years.  Often when greeting anyone with a “how do you do” or “good morning” you are met with “I’m blessed” in response, or upon leaving its not uncommon to hear “have a blessed day.”   I have wondered if the people that say this actually know what they are saying or is it just fashion.  I have a strong tendency to believe it is more fashion than substance.  This is a dialog I heard the other morning while getting some coffee on my way to work.


Man #1- “Hey good morning, how are you?”

Man #2-“I’m blessed, and you?”

Man #1”I won’t complain.  Wouldn’t do me any good anyway.”

Man #2 “And if you did folk wouldn’t listen anyway, and if they do they’ll think it’s probably a lie”


What???  A blessed person feels this way?  A blessed person thinks this way?  A blessed person speaks this way? 


These are the words of a “blessed” person.  Actually, it’s quite common that I hear the “blessed” person speak with much negativity.  How then can one be blessed and appear to be so sour inside?  Do they not realize that a blessed person is, according to, consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified, worthy of adoration?

Are you worthy of adoration?  Are you consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified?  Have you built your Inner Sanctuary?



8 comments on “Are You Blessed?

  1. Hello there, Ensayn!


    This is an interesting topic.

    I go back & forth with the question of, “Do I prefer these people being phony & using the ‘blessed’ terminology, or do I prefer them speaking their ‘real’ thoughts?” As you’ve pointed out, if the interaction continues for more than 1.5 sentences, their “real” thoughts will spill out. And these “real” thoughts don’t reflect the “blessed” or “blessed and highly favored” terminology.

    For the moment, I think I prefer them saying the “blessed” slogans. At least that way, if the interaction is short, it will end on a good note on the surface instead of open negativity. Of course, I’ll probably feel differently tomorrow! LOL! Like I said, my opinion changes back & forth on this.

    Peace, blessings and solidarity.

  2. Thanks Khadija, I agree with you, as you said if the conversation continues longer than just saying “I’m blessed” then the true(er) self may be revealed

  3. Very interesting topic. I would have to agree with you about the true(er) self being revealed. I remember the usual reply to the question being fine. You can tell however, those individuals who know without a doubt they are blessed. A passion and love eminates from the very core of their being.

  4. Eon, Very intersting point. We have to credit Khadija for that she had the insight with that one. But, its clear you have the same thoughts as she does. Please feel free to click on the link in the post concering building your inner sanctuary. I think you would find her Khadija’s post interesting along with the other views she presents.

  5. Hi Ensayn

    Good post… thought provoking.

    I’ve lived in the south all of my life, and hearing the “blessed” response seems natural. For one, I think people are calling that which is not as though it were. With the thought, if I speak blessings into the atmosphere, they will come into existence. Don’t you just hate it when you simply greet somebody, and they give you their life story? You have to hear about the arthritis, the light bill, how their blood pressure has been up because they were worried Obama wouldn’t win, when in actuality, you only wanted to say hello. When you think of it, you really are blessed. You have the full function of your body, nothing is assisting you to breathe. There are plenty of people out there who have it much worse.

  6. Hey TCakes, Thanks for coming by. In the light of what you are sying I would agree. But, I think most people say have a blessed day without thought. But, hey its better than something awful coming out of their mouths…LOL

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