Ye Are Gods! Psalms 82:6



All we can do is Live the Best Quality of Life Possible and through “Action” show who we are daily-Tanya Blackman 











We live in a world that is controlled.  Our presence of mind is continually bombarded with noise, noise from the media, noise from our jobs, noise from our ministers, noise from home and the noise of our own minds, so much so that we miss human kind at its best.  How many of you have heard that we are the God we seek?  The Christian bible tells us that we are gods and I think many of the bible believers are hard pressed to believe it.  So, what happens when we are confronted by or meet a god or goddess?  Or if it’s more pleasing to the eyes and ears we can say angel.  So, what happens when we are met with an angel?  Would you recognize her or him?  Have you ever wondered if angels are real? 


I believe the first time I was confronted by an angel, in the flesh was when I was about 19 years old. I was in attending college at the time and I went off campus to get a burrito at a local taco shop.  As I went out to my car with the burrito and began to eat it, a man, looking like he was homeless, knocked on my car window and asked “could I just have a bite of your burrito?”  I was thinking, “a bite” hell no!!! There was no way I was going to eat after a stranger, let alone a dirty looking homeless guy.  I promptly told him no.  He turned and walked away.  At that point I got the deepest sense of regret for telling the man no.  I had so many inner thoughts of how I could have helped him.  I knew I was going to get a meal later that day since I was attending college in the same town I grew up in and could run to my parent’s house and fill my belly.  But, no I didn’t think fast enough and I just thought about my immediate need and want.  Since that day, I have endeavored to be sensitive/intuitive with all beings that cross my path. 


Last week I met another being of light, angel.  I’m sure she would say she is not an angel, that she is just a woman with her own struggles in life to overcome.  Tina is her name and if she is not an angel she was surely working to remind all of us of who we really are and how to live with each other.  You see, Tina and I were sitting on the bus next to each other when a woman on a cane, who appeared to be very weak needed a seat.  Tina was about to give up her seat thinking that no man would allow the woman to sit, however, I was gathering my things so I could give my seat to the woman, I could see she was having a hard time standing on the moving bus with the cane.  As the woman sat next to Tina, she began to cry.  Tina saw this and she began to cry as well and not a word passed between them other than Tina offering the lady some tissue and a word of encouragement.  The woman with the cane got off at the very next stop and I sat back beside Tina, and I noticed she continued to cry.  I had no words other than to say things would get better for her too as she had just told the woman with the cane.


As we rode further we came to another stop, a young woman and her two beautiful little girls got on the bus with her hands filled with grocery bags.  Once the young woman handed the bus driver the transfer he told her she couldn’t use that transfer on that line.  I’m well aware that often other bus drivers will give you a transfer and tell you that you can use it on the a next bus not going on the same route, and I believe he should know this too as other bus drivers are aware and will let people ride anyway.  But, this driver would not budge.  The young woman was about to walk back off the bus when Tina spoke up and paid the young woman’s fare!!! 


Though Tina may have been hurting herself, dealing with the down turns of life, she never once let that bit of trouble turn her away from what others that were suffering.  The young woman with the little girls and grocery bags thanked Tina, sat down and never uttered another word to Tina. I wondered if she, like me, when I was younger didn’t realize that she may have met an angel.


6 comments on “Ye Are Gods! Psalms 82:6

  1. Beautiful post Ensayn!

    I have no doubt that angels are real, I know that I’ve encountered a few of them. One asked me for help, and the others helped me when I was almost mugged.

    Whenever I’m out and about and someone asks me for help, I help them as best as I can. My motto has always been, “give freely and expect nothing in return”. 🙂

  2. Thanks for coming by BHC. I totally agree, we never know when the Most High is sending someone or something to aide us. I don’t even discount the animals as messengers. When you help looking for something in return you do it with attchment and not from the heart.

  3. Babz, thank you for coming by. I do to and I believe I have encountered several angels. I believe in taking stock of the good things in life and intentionally spread the love.

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