Where is the love?

Fellow churchmembers say they served as a family for Esmin Green, shown in 2007, after she left Jamaica.

Esmin Green & Edith Isabel Rodriguez both died on hospital floors almost a year to the day, Rodriguez 6/13/2007 and Green 06/19/2008.


Another death of a woman has occured, and renewed calls for health care reform are rising even higher.  But, in these cases its not the reformation of the health care system but, of the human  heart and mind that should be reformed.  We certainly could slant these stories to show that this is a lack of respect for women, or the continued expression of racial discrimination or an American backlash against immigrants coming to the U.S., yet truly this may not be the case.  It’s more of a case of the lack of humanity, a hardening of the heart, a turning away from the compassionate heart and the love of Self ,the God within.  Where is the love?  Are we living in a world devoid of love for ourselves?  You may wonder what loving ourselves has to do with the treatment of others.

Self love, not selfish love but, love of one’s self, is the beginning of true love.   We live in a world that loves the Lord, loves God, has deep love and reverence for Allah, loves life, and all too often many people don’t love themselves.  How can you love another, a Spirit without loving yourself?  I know of no God or Goddess that requires you to love them and  allows for you to turn your back on yourself. The God that allows for the love of it and not require you to love you, is a false God, a God of the human imagination,a an expression of the human ego.  Would not this God require for you what it requires for itself?  Self love opens the gate of light that allows the true self to see The Most High in one’s self, to see The Most High in all things. This Most High God/Goddess knows that when you love yourself you are loving and reverencing the The Most High in yourself and, that God is living in every man, woman and child and creature on this planet and you could no less love that God and not love yourself and you fellow human relatives.

Because the people working at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York where Esmin Green lay dying on the floor.  And, where Edith Isabel Rodriguez perished on the floor at Martin Luther King Hospital’s ER in Los Angeles, California could not see the God in themselves, could not see the God in these women they, allowed them to die like animals on a slaughter house floor.  Because the people working at these facilities could not see themselves in these women as they lay dying, a little piece of them each died the moment their sisters died.


4 comments on “Where is the love?

  1. The Rodriguez woman used the emergency room on a regular basis for standard care.She was a drain on society and offered nothing.Had she contributed anything it would have been through a job with benefites.Now her family wants $43 million for her inevitable death.Now they want the cash but didn’t want anything to do with her otherwise as evidenced by her being alone in the ER.
    Humans are mortal and resources are limited.Not everyone needs or deserves to live to a ripe old age.

  2. Ensayn, thank you for visiting my blogs. I love this perspective. I grew up a few blocks from Kings County Hospital. Like many other county hospitals, the care, love and concern (and yes your right the humanity the God has graced us with) is not there.

    Esmin an Edith deserved so much more. There is so much lack of training in these hospitals. Yes health care is trouble, but aside from the insurance agencies raping us we also need to have more time spent training the personnel how to be sensitive to the ones entrusted in their care.

  3. @ Dee, Thanks for coming by, I will be back to your sites for sure. Its a shame people don’t look at other people as themselves. Dee come back soon and bring some Jamaican vegetarian recipes… 🙂

    @ Joe Cass, thanks for coming by. Your attitude is exactly what this post is about. Please feel free to come back again, though I don’t agree with your comment, this is a place where you can express your feelings.

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