The power of coconut oil

A relatively young coconut which has been served in a hawker centre in Singapore with a straw with which to drink its coconut water.

The coconut can save your life

Coconut water has the same properties as plasma, during WWII it was often used by the U.S. military for blood transfusions when marines and soldiers were injured.  Most recently, coconut oil has re-emerged as a source of health.  For many years “they” told us that coconut oil was high in fat and was bad for the body, yet  we find in fact coconut oil lowers the LDL (the bad one) cholesterol.  the lowering of cholesterol is a direct result of the ability of coconut oil to stimulate the thyroid gland function.  Coconut oil can be taken directly by mouth, you can cook with it as it can withstand heat up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit with out breaking down the essential elements that are healthful. 

Albert Schweitzer ran a clinic in Lambarene, Gabon West Africa and he sad that “it was many years before I saw a single case of cancer.”  He believed the appearance of cancer was caused by the introduction of the European diet to the Africans.  So what do you eat?  How do you eat?



3 comments on “The power of coconut oil

  1. I always cook with coconut oil…much healthier than soybean or canola oils. (I also use it on my dreadlocks lol) 🙂

    I have heard that a teaspoon of coconut oil daily is good for weight loss, haven’t tried that because I think exercise is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

  2. BHC, thanks for coming over. There are are many people dealing with a disfunctional thyroid and is a reason for their weight gain, so no matter how much they exercise they may not lose the weight. But, what coconut oil does is stimulate the thyroid to work properly which acutally aides in weight loss. Along with proper exercise more people will become fit.

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