Misery loves company?


There is a psychologist that appears on a local radio station here in Atlanta from time to time and he says the human mind looks for the negative in things and is set to quarrel naturally.  I have often objected to this theory.  But, lately I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that he may be correct yet I am unable to totally accept his view.   There are many people that live on this level of life, the fear level, I suppose so many that he can draw his conclusion.  I sadly, am beginning to believe he may be right.  I don’t want to believe this, but it may certainly be true.  I have shared good news with family and friends and it seems that they would prefer I share some negativity or pain, which I try to avoid putting into the ethers, to be in misery, a lifestyle I refuse to accept.  Misery!  Unfortunately most people are living in fear and that fear is expressed in many ways, anger, sadness, greed, sorrow and misery…you name it.  And, yet they want you to wallow in their sadness and sorrow, misery loves company I guess.   But, why would people choose to live their lives on the negative?





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