I have been thinking of dreams lately.  I have been having consistent dreams, that are very clear and and very real.  Often I am left with a sense of foreboding, like something is about to occur.  Recently my mother has become ill and my father had to be hospitalized for a short stint, but he is recovering at home.  As for my mother , she has been in the hospital or a nursing  home for the past month.  During this period my dreams have intensified.  I have always been a dreamer and I have lived out many of them, so with these recent dreams I’ve been having causes me to wonder if I should be preparing for the possibility of a coming change.  Some cultures teach that the dream is real and we are weaving our future through our dreams.  I will prepare and listen to my dreams.  Do you see dreams as messages?  Have dreams affected your life after you awaken?


3 comments on “Dreams

  1. I don’t ever remember my dreams. . . Wish I could though – especially if those cultures are accurate when they say we are weaving our future through our dreams. Does that mean something that I don’t ever remember dreaming?

  2. Hi Alisha, thanks for coiming to the Supreme side…LOL. We all dream every night. It could be that you wake up too fast, maybe jump right up out of the bed and begin thinking about the day ahead or worry about something going on in your life. Try laying in bed for a few minutes before you actually get up and try and think about what you dreamed. Or maybe set your alarm clock for thirty minutes earlier than you normally do, and just hit the snooze. This may help you to remember them, since most dream come in the latter half of your night.

  3. I can’t remember my dreams 10 seconds after waking. And they are always nightmares. But I think you’re onto something. Maybe they do have meanings that can be applied to our daily lives.

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