The body follows the mind

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In Tai Chi Chuan there is a concept, that the body follows the mind.  In that, when one is playing Tai Chi the mind leads the body to the next posture.  You will picture the movement from one posture to the other, immediately your mind will send chemical messengers or hormones to the muscles and Chi will make the mental pictures of the mind manifest physically.

This is our daily movement in all that we do, yet most of these manifestations occur without conscious thought.  We think and speak our existence into manifestation minute by minute but, never give a thought that we are in fact creating our destiny.  This gives rise to the English word, mindful or to be full of mind.  So, what if we really thought about our intentions during the day?  Would this not give us more power over our daily tasks?  Could we not create much much more for ourselves?

There are many ancient text that teach us that life and death is in the power of the tongue.  Knowing this we should first think, examine, and weigh carefully before we speak since what we say is a seed planted that we will later reap the fruit.  Tai Chi teaches us patience and that each ending opens to a new beginning and that each step, posture, and breath is energetically connected.  This teaching conveys just how we are connected to one another, related.

Our minds are the key to our destiny, building and reshaping our future.  How can being mindful or full of mind help create your future?  With each and every day there comes new challenges and changes the direct and re-direct our future; create changes in our lives.  How can you create your own destiny?


3 comments on “The body follows the mind

  1. This is truth. A man (woman) is as he (she) thinks (believes). This is projected in all aspects of that persons life. And this is the battle of the mind. Therefore, change your mind and you will change your life. Do not think that once you determine to change that it just happens. Even after change has happened, the battle can continue through out life. It is the persistance of keeping that change that determines victory. If you find that you are having trouble, my I advise in a humble way, to slow up your race in life. Blessings to all.

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