The Bird Flu Has Made The Jump!


 Avion flu virus H5N1 has killed another human.  You may say big deal, but this time it has been confirmed that it was transmitted from human to human.  All previous cases were transmitted from fowl to humans.  The World Health Organization  conducted serological testing on a family in Peshawar, Pakistan northwest of Islamabad where three brothers were diagnosed with H5N1 avian influenza.  Now, the twist is that only one of the three men worked with fowl, the other two didn’t.   Yet, all three were ill with the virus.  Two of the brothers have recovered from the illness, but one of the brothers died, and he didn’t work with birds.

This is where we have to become more vigilant in how we take care of our bodies.  We cannot become lax.  If you’re not paying attention now is the time to get on point.  I am not advocating fear, but warning those that don’t protect their bodies.  We are at war on many levels, and we can be sure there is a war on the cellular level.  It is our duty to protect ourselves and our families.  One of the many ways to protect our lives is to increase the strength of our immunes systems.  Our immune system is the front line of protection against foreign intruders to our bodies. 

So how do we strengthen our immune systems?  First, reduce your stress levels.  Next, we want to take in good fresh local (if possible) fruits and vegetables (organic if possible.) Increase your water intake and I’m not talking about tap water.  Avoid anti-nutrent foods, these foods actually use up your nutrient store to metabolize it.  Such foods (feed)  are white sugar, white rice, white bread, buscuits, soda, fast food and DAIRY.  Stay away for dairy.  Milk does a body bad!  Last, but not least, EXERCISE, get oxygen into the body remember oxygen is like fire that fuels the body.  



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