Right thought, right speech? Speaking your future into existance or selling your soul.

Veve of Papa Legba

Veve of Papa Legba the Spirit of communication.

 What do I lose if I lose my ego?  I lose nothing!-Boukman Eksperyans

I Like to stay away from politics on this site, I created it for a separate plane of thought, however this post may fringe on the political.  As we gain overstanding we k(no)w-ledge that spirit is not separate from the physical, but intertwined for the uplift or the demise of the self.  Just as we take in proper foods on the physical level, taking not only the physical properties of the food but, also the essence of the lives contained in the living plants we consume.  This is the reason for eating live/raw, but I digress.  In all that we do physically do there is a spiritual blessing or consequence created by our own actions.  As an ancient Chinese proverb goes “from the unreal comes the real.”

So it is when we speak.  When we speak words out loud we activate movement on the spiritual realm.  I came to these thoughts as I have followed the words of Sen. Barak Obama over these last few months, and it has occurred to me that he is speaking into existence his own future.  This experience of campaigning has been and is very expensive spiritually for the Senator concerning what he is setting forth by his own words, and he is not hesitating to pay the expense.

Mathew 16:26 “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

 Senator Obama is questioned about his personal beliefs like no other candidate in this presidential race at this moment and probably in the future.  His is asked to denounce, condemn and repudiate statements that he has not made.  He is asked to do this about people that are considered icons in the Black community and he has done this with a happy countenance and without hesitation.  He has capitulated to the hidden desires behind these questions mostly by whites, by 1) denouncing the support of Min. Louis Farrakhan.  2) Denying any political kinship with his minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright and 3) Bowing down to a question by ABC”s Terry Moran during an interview on Good Morning America.  Moran asked Sen. Obama “if he is a Black man or an American“, Sen Obama responded “An American, absolutely.”  Was he denying his Blackness?  I was hoping that he would have repudiated, condemned and strongly denounced the question by Moran, but he didn’t.

Mathew 26:34 “Assuredly, I say to you that this night, before the cock crows you will deny me three times.”

In the spirit of the Apostle Peter denying Yeshua three times, Sen. Obama has, in essence made crucial denials three times concerning Black people by denouncing the support of Min. Farrakhan, the words of Rev. Wright and even omitting being Black, but is “An American, absolutely” in front of the whole world.  Sen. Obama has set in motion his spiritual karma by his own words.  Should he win the presidency of the United States, he will have created his own blessing (depending on your point of view) and possibly his own demise.  Maybe he doesn’t really realize the power of his words! 


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