Drugs in your water supply: Continue guarding your gate!


This really shouldn’t  be news, but unfortunately we take our food and water safety for granted, remember the 143 million pounds of beef recalled?  A news release today demonstrated the amount of pharmaceutical drugs found in 50 major cities water supply, in the U.S. today.  Philadelphia was found to have of over 56 different pharmaceuticals in their water supply, including Prednisone a corticosteroid this is a powerful hormone usually asthmatics take this drug, but has been used for many more and varied cases.  Carbamazepine, this is a drug used by epileptics to prevent seizures.  Though the news release attempts to allay fears by saying these drugs are measured in parts per billion or parts per trillion there has to be something of concern.  I mentioned Philadelphia specifically because there are over 56 drugs found in the water supply, and though the scientist that were quoted in the paper tried to downplay any affect, there just has to be.  Philadelphia had one of the highest murder rates of any city per capita than any other U.S. city and they are leading the way again this year.  Could we draw a correlation to the drugs found in the Philadelphia water supply and the increase in murders?  Should we not be concerned about our babies?  We can avoid part of the tainted water by not drinking it, but we still absorb it through our skin when we bathe.  We can guard our gates much easier than we can guard the largest organ of our bodies, our skin.  The ill affects of these drugs on the population could be numerous.  When it comes to the food we eat we may have a bit more control as to what enters our mouths, however water is another issue as we are truly at the mercy of our water supplier.  Things could get even worse as cities are turning over the water supply and regulation to private companies, which means less control by the citizens of their respective cities.


4 comments on “Drugs in your water supply: Continue guarding your gate!

  1. One of the teachers at my school showed me an article about this today. . . he was about to copy it and discuss it with his students. . . just when I was starting to drink water again 🙂

  2. mos was on to something with that new world “water” for real. just when you thought you was fly avoiding the gene-altering affects of the ‘estrogen-like’ plastic softner leakage into bottled water by putting a filter on the faucet, they got you ‘jonesin’ from the prednisone-flavored water. the thoughtful link to the incident of Philly murder rates was yours ‘preme. i’m bout to start collecting condensed waters from the sun. LOL


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