Food or Feed? : Guard your gate!


We have to protect our bodies, no other can do this but ourselves.  The beef recall earlier this month should be a wake up call.  The Food and Drug Administration is truly not interested in our individual health, just enough that it doesn’t obstruct “the bottom line” profit, and that there is not a wide epidemic which again would affect the bottom line.  In October 2006 the FDA announced they would allow the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals beginning in January 2007.  The story died shortly there after, then surfaced again in January ’07 and died again.   Now, the big recall coming from Chino Californina.  “Downers” were filmed during an undercover investigation of Westland/Hallmark, a slaughterhouse in Chino, CA.  Once the story broke, the United States Department of Agriculture/USDA ordered the recall of 143 million pounds of beef.  Since Octobor ’06 Westland/Hallmark has processed 37 million pounds of beef for school lunch programs. 

So, here we have it, they finally have been caught, but this is not the first news of “downers” being processed as feed for the U.S. population.  Peta and the Humane Society of the United States have documented cows that couldn’t walk being dragged into slaughter with chains.  Many times “downers” are often suffering from disease or malnutrician or stress.  Cows eat a diet of feed often comprised of things that are far from grazing in the grass.  One source of their feed is corn.  Corn isn’t anything that a cow would naturally graze.  Corn, is fed to cows because it produces a more tender meat for the consumer, but in fact it’s sickening the cow.  Along with high levels of RBH, a bovine growth horomone to increase the production of milk and a boat load of antibiotics and other drugs since the cows are living too closely and not eating ther natural “liveit” (not die-t.)

You are what you eat.  This in turn is grossly affecting our health and the health of our youth.  What can you do?  Stop it.  Don’t buy it.  Step away from it.  I fully understand the strength it will take to quit, simply because you will have to detox off the heavy antibiotics/drugs in the meat, that you may be addicted to without knowing.  But, its possible.  We should detox our bodies no matter how and what we eat from vegan to “carnivore.”  This is a must.

Do you think the consumption of this meat is affecting our youth? Could the consumption of so much drug filled animals be the cause of so much youth violence?  Do you think this is happening with the chickens being sold on the market?


6 comments on “Food or Feed? : Guard your gate!

  1. I have been seriously considering leaving that meat alone. . . especially after my last ‘episode’. . . And, yeah, I got some kinky twists – I’ll have to post pics 🙂

  2. Peace,
    You would think that by now that they would’ve stop feeding a damn ‘vegetarian’ animal its own dead flesh! What kind of mentality thinks to do this???!!!! If that isn’t against nature I don’t know what is. I left all of that meat alone before crap like this started making it to the headlines yet if I was still a meat eater I DEFINITELY would start to consider rocking the vegetarian path.

  3. @Alife Allah, I didn’t even want to go there about the feeding of dead animals back to the cows but since you opened the door. They stopped feeding dead cow directly back to them. They now feed the dead cows to the chickens and take the chicken crap, remanufacture that, and feed it to the cows. Now, and of course they use the blood use to feed to the calfs they will later call veal when it gets to the restaurants. Most animals that is produced for food never sees the natural sunlight, let alone the other horrid things that go on. And we won’t even talk about the people working in the factory farms!
    @Alisha, You did it. I remember the discussion during your Christmas break. Like a said to you before a friend of mine went to twist and has never gone back!

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  5. Not to mention . . . the treatment of these animals and the pollution and filth that is a by-product of factory farming. It is appalling. I think if more people could see how these animals are treated and the environmental impact, if it were common knowledge, people wouldn’t be so quick to eat them. I think the whole animals for food business is another symptom of a society that is severely out of balance.

    I read a book recently by Octavia Butler called Dawn and it was interesting that the alien species that saved humans after the destruction of the earth by nuclear warfare were adamant that humans not kill anything to eat it. They also regarded the fact that humans were “hierarchical” as a serious and lethal character flaw. To them, every living thing was worth the same. What a powerful message . . . it is how we treat the least among us that speaks the most about us.

  6. Chi-Chi, you are so right here. ” it is how we treat the least among us that speaks the most about us.”
    Little do people realize the animals are our brothers and sisters, and this is their Earth first we humans are Johnny come lately. I remember a reggae song by one of my favorite artiste Turbulence and he said in one of the lines…”Run cow, run pig, run for your lives see de CANNIBAL deyah come wid de knife…” serious lyrics on how we treat our family

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