Incorporate A Flexibility Routine Into Your Workout


Many people fail to see the importance of stretching before and after their workout.  I often see people step off the treadmill and walk right into the showers without the slightest thought about their flexibility.  There is a Tai Chi proverb that says “the strongest steel it one that can bend around a pole.”  Most people that participate in working out, focus on muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition rather than flexibility. 

Good flexibility is vital for healthful posture.  Muscles are similar to elastic bands and can shorten over time.  If you don’t incorporate a good flexibility routine into your workout muscles can become permanently shortened.  Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are what hold our bones together and act as pulleys in order for us to move about.  Should your muscles become permanently shortened it can pull your bones out of alignment, resulting in postural imbalances.

Involve a good flexibility program into your workout routine.  Flexibility improves your exercise and sports performance, prevents injuries, and improves your overall health and wellness.


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